Thursday, June 22, 2006

friendly Cantaloupe

Some kids have imaginary friends. My kid has befriended a Cantaloupe. Yes, a Cantaloupe. (occassionally referred to as watermelon because she gets confused). I have documented a little bit of their adventures today: It started with: Mommy can I hold canelow? And then the relationship grew from there…

Isabelle places canelow on the couch next to her and tells it that they are watching “berry cake” (strawberry short cake). Isabelle throws canelow up in the air and drops it and tells it to: fly! Isabelle stands on canelow and giggles as she tries not to fall. Isabelle get’s a blanket and lays down on the floor next to canelow. She covers herself and canelow half way with the blanket (enough for it’s head to stick out?). She tells canelow that she is tired. She tells canelow: let’s count stars! She puts her snow white headband on it and says: pretty! She asks: Canelow, where’s my juice?
She screams: Owe, Canelow hurt me!

Although this bond seems sweet and all, I feel Isabelle’s intentions toward her new friend are short lived. She has already requested that I “cut it open”.


Lynn said...

LOL!! I'm going to buy the child a baby doll!

sally said...

Gee, I don't think it's so strange to befriend a cantelope...I mean, really, it can't talk back, it can't take your toys, it won't argue about which berry cake show to watch. Although, it does seem strange that it would hurt her, after all she's done for it. Maybe you should cut it open...hehe, very cute story!!! I love her imagination.