Sunday, September 05, 2010

Tonight thoughts of misc:

  • I am too lazy to find my camera cord and download my newest pictures.
  • Seems like I am always the one who is left to change the toliet paper roll.
  • Sometimes I wish my dog had 4 legs.
  • I believe Isabelle could talk for 24 hours straight without even a sip of water.
  • I love taking pictures of my children.
  • Olivia must be starting the teething process. Drool and chewing is of plenty.
  • I dread taking Ben to church. He climbs the pews and usually announces things loudly like: I have to poo or I don't want those people to sit behind me (whom are right behind us as he says it). Today he added to his routine: instead of gently shaking hands during the share of peace, he decided to slap the out reached hands very hard. (The Priest usually slaps the kids high fives, so I think that is where this thought entered his little noggin as the proper way to greet people in church). God help us.
  • man, I am tired.
  • I wanted to scrapbook this weekend. Sunday is over and I still didn't get to it at all.
  • I wish I had some chocolate milk. oh well. water is just as good right?
  • Just got Olivia to sleep in bed and I hear her awake again. I think she misses me.
  • I love this fall weather but I fear that it is leaving us already.
  • Confession - there were fruit flies in my car this week because I left a banana peel in it. I guess it's time to clean the car. Yeah, I really should do that.
  • I love Olivia's chubby chubby baby legs.
  • Goodnight.

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