Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let's go fly a kite...

up to the highest height! (Isabelle has been singing this and now I am..can't get it out of my head. Thanks to you Dick Van Dyke and your cherry disposition).

so, I have a pet peeve and maybe I am wrong here with this one, but it just bugs me to see houses totally decked out in Halloween decor in the mid. of Sept. HEllO people...Halloween is at the very END of October...could you please at least wait a smidge longer before you garb your homefront for the holiday. seriously. it's not so special when it's been up for a season already if you know what I mean and don't get me wrong....I absoutley love halloween (even though I had my candy bag stolen from me once when I was an innocent child walking down the street). I am a fan of decorating , how fun!...but not before it's time. thank you...or should I say thank boo.

I am totally in the downloading music to my ipod kind of mood.
I love how ben tells me about his "white"mares.
Glad school pics are over, quite wondering what the results will be.
It's so chilly out, I LOVE it.
There are too many damn dogs and cats in this neighborhood. I don't mean to be anti animal or anything but its like a zoo all the flippen time. barking, hissing, meowing, barking, barking , barking. Seriously it's raining cats and dogs around here. I wish it would rain dollar bills instead.
Tonight I think that I quite possibly made my best tator tot casserole thus far. It was like all contents blended and baked pefectly.
I am really into PURPLe latley. I seriously don't know why. It's like I am gravitating toward it. i don't think I am quite the age to be a member of the red hat society but I guess as long as I embrace the purple and not the red that I will be o.k. Seriously though, Purple is ROyAl so that must be what my mind is thinking.
I let Ben pick out our newest bandaids, he choose Toy Story. I also let him pick the bubble bath: Lightening McQueen. Speaking of Ben, did you know that Michael Jackson (or according to Ben: Mary Jackson) of the Jackson Five, sang a song called: Ben? I will have to look into that.
SO, the last several days I have been getting my family ready for a big family wedding that will take place this weekend. Noah is best Man, Isabelle Is Flower girl and and Ben is Ring bearer. I praying for a wonderful and safe weekend for all of the family.

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