Sunday, September 12, 2010

sleep, flies and other stuff

Setting the table: Here is a typical picture of what I use to set our table each night. standard white plates, silverware and misc. cloth napkins that I usually let the kids pick out. To my horror when I saw the picture I took, there was a fly on it! Made me sick. I hate flies with a passion, but I display it to you as is , because quite honestly, quite often there are flies in my kitchen! They land on us, they land on our food and they frustrate me to no end. I think they make their way in as my children leave the door open for decades. Never the less they are with us more than on occasion. I curse them and I kill them...but I guess they are still part of us as the fabric of our lives. I often wonder God's purpose for these evil annoying suckers...but I know there must be some wise beyond my comprehension reason for their existance.
I don't even remember why I took this pic. Must have been to document the never ending laundry that taunts me every single day. I truly don't mind laundry so much, it is dishes that can go to heck. They suck. I am so envious of all of you that have dishwashers. I used to have one, a long time ago...before I had kids and I didn't even appreciate it. Maybe my next house.

These are some beautiful signs that Isabelle made for our bedroom doors. They have been up for awhile and I keep forgetting to take them down...maybe I truly just want them up so I remember where to go.

See, I told you we have many bananas. Speaking of bananas, I have just started Olivia on them. She seems to love them. :) I just hope she doesnt turn into a monkey like the rest of them.
So, I spent my entire sunday in the children's room, cleaning, organizing, sorting and I am still not half way complete with the task. It is amazing how things accumulate. The best part is as I kissed them goodnight tonight, I did not step on legos. I can see the floor and it is quite pretty. We should have a smooth morning since the kids can now open their closets. I wish I was better at keeping up with their stuff, but I am not. I have good intentions and I keep working on it. We are all happier when things are neater but of course that comes back to the fact that there is only so much time in the day.
Livy monster is sleeping right next to me and I wonder if I will be able to transfer her to her bed without her waking up. Billy Joel is on my IPOD (the piano man) and I am having a lovely glass of wine (wine tastes better in the fall, and that is a fact and I know it is not offically fall yet, but I can feel it so it counts). Well time to clean up the kids bath stuff and hit the hay myself. I have a book waiting and that is a wonderful thing to know. I should take a shower...but not sure if I have enough energy for that task. Good night friends & family - I wish you well. :)
Sweet Dreams and God Bless.

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