Sunday, September 12, 2010

Greetings on a Sunday Morning.

Isabelle just loves to leave me messages on the dry erase boards around the house. Her favorite thing is to ask me to write back and she gets so excited to find the response. :)
This is Isabelle on her way to church last Sunday. Yes, they let us in.

Ben just loves being a big brother to O. He is always helping me with her and asks if he can hold her all the time.

Here is one of Olivia's first reactions to her new rice cereal!

Here is an outtake from a photo shoot of what I tried to make a lovely photo of my 3 wonderful children...but quite honestly this is us and I should probably frame this one . haha

Misc. Whatevers:

  • I believe that I will be spending my entire Sunday: Cleaning. How does this house get so messy so fast? Stepping on Legos is so fun, but I do believe it's time to make a change.
  • I love love love this fall weather.
  • Right now the garden is producing: watermelon, potatoes, misc. peppers and I do believe that may be it for now. I do wish we planted pumpkins. Oh well.
  • We now have a new light fixture on the front porch which is completely amazing and wonderful. We have gone without an outside light since the siding was redone so this is super. We also got a brand new furnance installed this week, so we will be nice and warm these upcoming seasons....I still want new slippers though.
  • The fish died. Ben responded "Cool!, can I watch you flush it down the toliet?"
  • There are bananas in my house every single day. If you came to my house at anytime, I could offer you a banana. I have not made Banana bread in a long while.
  • Olivia is waking. I am shocked she slept this late. Happy Sunday!

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