Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Morning Thoughts

This is a Little Girl Dress Greeting Card in my new Etsy Shop. So, I have offically re-opened an Etsy Shop. Instead of opening up my old shop, I started a new one for a fresh start...I linked my old store so I would have feedback history and items sold history....I have been gone a while...and I know it takes a time to build up someting new...but I am letting myself feel a little discouraged already. I know I don't have time to make lots of stuff for it..I dont have too much in it yet...and I know my reasons for doing the new shop are a litle different then they were when I did my first shop, but I still hope for it to be a success just on a lighter, less pressure scale. I know I have to be patient and positive. I think one of the things I look forward to the most, is sharing my creations with some amazing people that I meet along the way. I have truly met some wonderful & inspiring customers (turned friends) on my last journey. I am so excited to start making more stuff, It truly is a joy. I have a million ideas swimming through my head. So, if you want to check out the new shop it is: (name courtesy of a Benjamin creation).

Other Stuff - A winter storm is rolling in tonight, I am so not looking forward to it, but what can you do? Spring , Spring, where are you? My biggest challenge of the morning will be cleaning out my car (blazer), as someone is coming to look at it for a possible purchase in the near future, I cannot believe that I am in the market to switch to a Mini-VAN. Most of my friends drive vans and I am going to have 3 kids to haul around once the tulips start popping out of the ground...but the idea of driving a van kind of scares me a little, I don't know why? I think they feel a little overwhelming. So anyway, cleaning my current car will be a task for sure because this winter I have let many items accumulate within the vehicle and I don't know what to expect to find in there. The moment I said out loud the verse this morning: "This is the day that the Lord has made , let us rejoice and be glad in it"----a cardinal (my favorite bird) flew across my viewing path to greet me a good morning. I know it was for me. :) I am making Chili in the crockpot for an easy and heartwarming dinner this sunday evening. The kids have been such characters lately, truly making me smile and laugh...which is good because I need that right now. How does laundry add up so quickly? I guess it doesnt help that ben changes his clothing at least 3-5 times a day. Every day ben tells me that I am his pretty I guess I don't mind doing his laundry. for lent Isabelle is giving up fighting with ben. and for lent ben is determined to fight bad guys with his sword and eat goldfish. happy sunday.

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