Sunday, July 13, 2008

We are Family

We attended a family barbecue in Chicago this weekend...I just wanted to share a glimpse of the event. These are a few of the photos that will eventually make it into a mini scrapbook that I am going to make. (It's not too often that Noah and his 5 siblings, father and some special aunts can all have the opportunity to be together in the same place, so I defintely think this was a special day and we all survived! :)

We attempted to get all 5 cousins on the couch at the same time for a wonderful amazing you can probably guess...we couldn't really accomplish such a task...the forces of toddlerhood were defintely against us.
Don't most of us feel this way at family gathering? haha

The Spread.
You are her protector. You are her provider. You are her playmate. You are the man who will set the standard for all other men in her life. She will have to search high and low to find someone that can compare to you. (this is Noah and Isabelle walking to the car at the end of the evening. I was actually taking a picture of the beautiful church that was lit up across the street, but then they came into my sight, I decided to capture them instead).

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