Saturday, July 26, 2008

Duck, Duck, Goose

Don't refuse to go on an occasional wild goose chase
- that's what wild geese are for.
~Author Unknown

This summer has felt like a wild goose chase, that is for sure. Ben constantly runs away, time constantly runs away.... Let's see here's a little update: Currently the kids are laying together on their old and worn elmo couch. They are watching charlotte's web and drinking some lemonade. I just drank 2 cups of coffee and am trying to decide how to pursue this day. Much to do.

Lately (even as I write) Isabelle has been wearing her Annie wig again. She wore it to the grocery store and park yesterday. Her favorite topic of converstaion latey starts out like this: "when I am a teenager, I can....blah, blah right? ". Ben is saying more and more words every single day. His favorite current thing to say besides: NO! is: I DUCK! (i'm stuck). hehe. I am preparing for both of their upcoming august birthdays (she will be 5 and he will be 2). We are keeping things very simple and low key this year. We also have to start preparing for school already which is so crazy to me. Noah's sister (Elizabeth) and her family are in town visiting so we have been spening some very nice time with them. I just love to see the little cousins together. They will soon be embarking on their next journey which is to move to Germany! The garden has kind of turned to crap, we really haven't been weeding it! We are still getting things from it, but not as if we would if we were maintaining it properly. I have put my Etsy business on major slow down for the summer. I just don't have time to make things right now. I do have some wholesale opportunities in the works and I hope to start building the shop up more in the fall. Ben has really been helping set the table! He opens the fridge and basically puts out whatever he thinks is needed (salad dressing and ketchup when not needed to go with spaghetti). what a cutie. I love to watch him run. so funny. He is really into his Thomas the train engines. He has 2 and he takes them everywhere with him...even to his NAP. o.k. that's all I can think of to misc. ramble about at the moment... Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend.

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