Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Delicious Autumn

Ben ~ 6 weeks 1 day old
Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. ~George Elliot
Im so excited that fall has finally arrived! Yippee! Before I know it I will be watching It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. I must savor these moments as they are fleeting. I just had a grand thought, what if my favorite scents (burning leaves and baby powder) could be combined into one everlasting candle. <--oh throw some cinnamon in there as well. That would be cool. Excuse me if my thoughts are a muck but Isabelle wont stop talking to me as I try to type. Both kids have colds and now im getting one too. So, here's an fyi for anyone who calls us at the home front, as of tomorrow we are disconnecting our home phone service due to misc. reasons... so if you need to communicate with me or Noah, please call our cell phones. I promise I will be keeping my phone in hearing distance! (not in the bottom of my purse inside the diaper bag in the car with the windows closed.) I will make better efforts to keep it handy. . Our internet has been going out a lot lately, something wrong with our tower - that's nice and inconvient. We started planning an intimate baptism celebration for Benjamin to take place in November. I have been seeking opinions on whether it is ok or not that Ben wears Isabelle's baptism GOWN and from my poll results, the conclusion is Yes. So, that's good! Isabelle has to wear red to school tomorrow and for show and tell she needs to bring two of something. Tomorrow at the end of class (last 15 minutes), parents get to come in the class and watch a presentation of what the kids have been doing, so I am really looking forward to that. Scrapbooking/cardmaking - so now that Ben is offically here and we are settled into a some what routine, I am ready to take on any projects/ keep me in mind if anyone is looking to get something done in this regards. At this point , I am debating whether or not I will be picking up my Usborne book business. I am sorting the pros and cons in my noggin for the time being. Ive been drinking a lot of tea lately. Tea w/ honey. Oh, and I have discovered a new cheese (well a new cheese for me), I cant believe ive never really choosen Muenster before. It's cheesy but its good. I have a new current favorite's Rob Thomas's Streetcorner Symphony (discovered it from seeing the grey's anatomy promos). Last night I made cheese manicotti for dinner...tonight I will be preparing a dish I call turkey tenderloin and green bean casserole. Im so glad that the new season of THE OFFICE has started. I just love that show! Whenever Isabelle wakes up lately (even from an afternoon nap) she says: "good morning, im waking up now, see!". Tune in next time to see what the children will be for halloween...oh and remember folks, if life hands you lemons...cut them into neat little wedges and squirt them into somebodys eye, because if you must suffer, others must suffer as well.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Sometimes the laughter in mothering is the recognition of the ironies and absurdities. Sometimes, though, it's just pure, unthinking delight. -B. Schapiro

Whine & Wine

(This photo of Isabelle reminds my of a song I used to love when I was little. Sugar, Sugar by The Archies...oh honey, ah Sugar Sugar ..Your'e my candy girl... )
Life is precious and everydays a prize...<--those are actually the lyrics im listening to right now. (elton john). So Isabelle and Lancelot both Whined alot today, so I figured I deserve some Wine. I wish they would both take a nap right now. It's been a long day between those two. At least the baby has been good! hehe This place is a circus. I swear Id run away but I couldnt run away to the circus since I live at the circus so there would be no place to go. Here is a funny scenerio that took place earlier today: Isabelle laying under the table where I was working...she was talking to herself: Goodnight grandma. Goodnight papa. Goodnight mary. Goodnight rubberband. Then I heard fake snoring......then she got up and ran away. <--My little weirdo. Yesterday Ben had his 1 month appt. check up. He is doing wonderfully well and he now offically weighs 10 lbs. His nicknames so far are: Benjamin Bunny and Private Benjamin...oh and Benny Bunny. Did you ever want to throw your dishes away instead of washing them? I am actually considering it. I wonder why play-doh doesnt just come in one color since not soon after being introduced to the child that they are all merged as one large glob anyway? It would save me a lot of anxiety...I could much more easily accept this chaos of color if it was meant to be that way from the start. I reordered my special edition elite personal elvis checks today. They will be delivered by DHL service. I must say I dont like that company, the people who deliver to us are quite rude for no reason. I think Im friendly but for some reason I get this attitude from them So has Noah so it's not just me! So I offically have gray hair. Every time I look in the mirror, there it is taunting me. It is a piece that I have cut from existance in the past, yet it grows back each time with more strength and vibrance. Whatever. I must accept this . I am upset to report that there is offically a mouse about the house. That's all I am going to say about that. Except this one comment: lovely. I have never cut the grass in my life. I have never grilled on a grill either...well except this little mini grill that cooked by lighting waded up newspaper in the bottom. I could grasp that conept easily. I believe I used to make premade burgers on it. I love this fallish crisp makes me want to go run through a pumpkin patch field and twirl around while leaves fall on my head. I wish I was a better cook/baker. It doesnt come easily for me. I have to read the recipes 40 times during the process and totally concentrate to get things right. It doesnt come naturally to me at all. I do enjoy cooking though believe it or not. Its fun...well except of course the doing of dishes. Which leads me to my current dilema of my debate of throwing them all away instead of washing whats in my sink. I dont know how isabelle can have two barretts in her hair and still manage to have hair in her face. If I had a choice of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or turkey and cheese sandwiches for the rest of my life...I think I would choose turkey. Yeah, turkey for sure. I just asked Isabelle if she is my peanut head? and she answered, "No, I'm Isabelle!"

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I can't believe that Ben is going to be 4 weeks old on tuesday! Wow is time going fast. He is changing so much already. I am really trying to savor these fleeting newborn moments. They are so precious. My favorite thing is when he smiles in his sleep, I believe that the angels are whispering to him. I must admit that I am so in love with him. Our biggest challenge so far is keeping his big sister from helping and touching and kissing him all the time! (isabelle is a little too hands on, but im glad that she loves him so much).

Other thoughts/news:
-Lately, Isabelle never stops talking. She wakes up and talks non-stop until she goes to sleep. It is a constant noise that does not cease. Ive been taking a lot of ibeprufrin these days.
-Our garden has turned to total crap. I think we might salvage some acorn squash and possibly some peppers in the near future. I think tomatoes and cucumbers are pretty much done. Oh and there are some onions and pototoes somwhere in there.
-Isabelle's imagination is just so interesting to me. I just sit and listen to her and watch her sometimes and wonder where she comes up with this stuff.
-Im still working on Ben's birth announcements and thank yous. Someday, I shall finish.
-I want to move, this "old" house frustrates me.
-I think Noah will be traveling this week.
-I love the crockpot...Im so excited about falling coming! I get to whip out heartwarming fun recipes! Stews, soups, casseroles...etc.
-Would it be a bad thing to make a baby boy, a sunflower for halloween? I just love Isabelle's costume from when she was a baby and I would love to use it again! Hey, it's green and yellow...those are boyish colors....
-Isabelle just put a strawberry shortcake sticker on Benjamins pajamas.

1st day of school

(photo 1. waiting in line for school to start, photo 2. afterschool)

I have not updated in a long while! Feels like I have not been on the computer in forever. (doesnt help that the internet was out for a week!)...anyway...Today felt like a good day to update. It's Sunday, it's raining outside (it almost feels like fall!)..

1st day of (2-morning) PRESCHOOL!
Isabelle has been talking about going to school all summer, and finally the day arrived (aug. 24). She was so excited to go! The night before we packed her backpack together with all her supplies, we picked out her snack and then we layed out her new school clothes (most exciting part, strawberry shortcake mary jane shoes - thanks grandma!). We arrived at school the next morning, and she was so thrilled by the whole experience! She couldnt wait to talk to her teachers and meet new friends and go inside and work on projects and play! When it was time to go in (8:45), she kissed me and waved good bye. As she was just one bouncing pigtailed head in the line of children disapearing out of my site, into a whole new world...I felt the bittersweetness of it all. My little girl, leaving me to explore something new...without me. All I could think was, take good care of my baby... I left...(even though part of me just wanted to wait on the sidewalk right there for her to come out, I figured, I must go. I was happy at least, that she was happy. She was not frightened or scared, that I would not be there with her. She was just fine. 11:15 came.. and I wasn't prepared...for my overwhelming emotions... The class came out holding a rope together in line and Isabelle was first in line with a big smile on her face. The kids marched out with hats they made on their little heads. All you could hear was screams of Mommy! and waves of hands and then the running of the masses.... great grand hugs took place between all the children and their parents...and tears rolled down my cheeks...I couldnt control how I felt. I was so proud of her and so happy for her and I just could not concept until that very moment how big she really is now. How, I have to let go. How I have to trust in her and trust in the world that everything is going to be o.k. I realized all the wonderful things she will be learning and experincing and all the opportunities that she will have. I thought about how she will also come across more moments and situations of getting hurt and feeling sad and disappointed and scared...but mostly I thought about how much I love this little person. How much she has changed me and my life in so many ways and how she has let me be something so wonderful in this world....her mother. So, yeah 2 morning preschool may sound like no big deal...but let me tell you a little is a big deal...a really big deal.