Thursday, October 12, 2006

Listening Ears

"My Listening Ears"

Backpack Surprises...Whenver Isabelle gets home from school, we open her backpack together, talk about what she did that day and review her wonderful creations. Well, when I opened her bag and found this hat with the ginormous ears, I couldn't stop laughing. I don't know if it was more the dumbo size of the ears or the concept of the hat altogether. Now if only Isabelle's "listening" ears were really that big and powerful... Ya know, now that I think of it, Noah could use a hat like this too.

It's funny when Isabelle pretend plays. She doesnt just close doors, she slams them..and if she doesnt "think" they are shut , she will slam it again! It's just so funny when she is imaginary playing, because she gets deeply involved. Lately in the bath she magically turns into a mermaid (ariel the little mermaid to be exact). She swims and sings the whole time. Quite entertaining I must say.

I listen to a variety of music in the car, when im cooking, cleaning etc..and whenever I play U2, Isabelle says to me: Mommy, I like your Susick (music). She only says it for U2, nothing else. It's like she knows. Girl after my own heart!

There's this really cool halloween costume on an m&m's commerical that I wish I could find. It's just an ax going through this guys front and sticking out his back. I wish I could find that costume. It's simple. Easy. And just would be kind of fun. SO anyway, im starting to get depressed that I am not getting dressed up this year. The last couple years, these have been my costumes: 2003, Snow white (with a bloody head injury), 2004 Ghostbuster, 2005 Cool Witch, 2006 nothing. Yep, you heard me right, nothing. HOw sad is that? I dont plan to dress up this year. Oh well, maybe next year we can make a big deal out of halloween. This year we just have to much going on. Besides, the kids are dressing up and they are going to be so darn adorable! Living in the country, I dont have to buy trick or treat candy...but I bought some just in case. yeah, just in case you never know.

Since noah wasnt home for supper last night isabelle and i had a simple dinner of chicken and stars soup with goldfish crackers. It was the best. Speaking of noah..why must this man leave wet towels on the bed? hello? Do you not get that it is never a good or productive thing to leave a wet towel on the place you sleep? least he always leaves it on his side of the bed! Speaking of towels and noah...Whenever he cooks he leaves the biggest mess, anyway..he always mangages to use my decorative for display only towels. This time I found my nice fall hand towel (clearly "decorative only" in my opinion)..I found this towel with a very greasy spatucla laying on it. thats super. Thanks.

I love that Isabelle still loves footy pajamas. I collect Elvis T-shirts. Ben was two months old on tuesday. Navy blue sweaters collect just as much dog hair and lint as black sweaters do. I went to MOPS today. I wonder why I buy wonder bread. What is with the new teas being in a triangle shaped bag? It looks cool, but does it really make a difference in the brewing process? I can't remember if I have ever attend the circus...I think once. I can't wait to watch the office tonight. My current phone ring tone is: Ring of Fire, johnny cash. In the words of dr.evil : It's fricken freezing in here. Brutal winter has already stolen some of my autumn. Not fair! I had a bird (parrotkeet) named feathers once. He was green and yellow. I never really fed him. He died. Isabelle brought a musical wooden fish for show and tell today. It's like whenever its showing tell I think, am I going to be judged as a parent regarding what my kid brings for show & tell? Usually I let her decide but i must admitt i influence the final decision. The best pen in the world is a Zebra F301 ball point. fine point. black ink. I havent written any stories or poems or anything in ages. Rehab is for quitters.


sally said...

Rehab is for quitters?? Interesting thought...guess I never thought of it that way. I never had a bird before, but I have been to the circus and love it. I am not able to help you with the tea bag quandry. I like hot chocolate instead. Listening ears should be made for everyone. Especially husbands.

Anonymous said...

I think you should put your hair in rollers, wear your robe and slippers, carry a coffee mug and go as a!

Anonymous said...

Big ears, hah hah hah hah hah!!!! Why dont you wear the ears for halloween? Then mabey they day after would be very very quiet.

Hey, did ya hear the one about the........