Saturday, October 28, 2006

Let the leaves fall

Ben @ 10 weeks
(poor kid, I found this knit outfit in a bag of clothes that my friend gave me and I fell in love with the sweetness of it. hehe)
Autumn is escaping too quickly. Im not ready for frost on my car windows and frozen grass. time change this weekend - fall back. Isabelle doesnt want to be a chicken for halloween anymore, she wants to be a super hero. She wants to be a chicken when she grows up though. Ive been making a lot of crock pot meals lately. I love the crock pot. Throw the stuff in, walk away come back later and bam it's ready. So, Noah has been on the home computer alot because his work computer crashed. I dont like to share. I attended a wonderful MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meeting this week. The speaker was very inspirational and funny. Ive been super tired lately, I dont know if its the weather or that Im getting up with Ben more then I realize.... but I could take a nap every day now if I could (the chance of that happening doesnt usually work in my favor though!). The Office was a rerun this week. Last night I watched this 20/20 show in which they introduced a story of people having "animal sanctuarys" and exhibits of big cats such as lions and tigers...and the public can enter the cages and pet them and people have been totally mauled by these big cats and even serious injury (women with boyscout troop just next to the cage, arm ripped off) or died (teenage girl posing for school picture with tiger and attacked). Just sad sick and scary. I cant believe these people are allowed to run these type of establishments and that people actually think its safe to go in with a wild animal. I get scared around crazy regular sized cats every once in awhile. I asked noah if he would rather be in a cage with a tiger or bear? well, he took this opportunity to tell me yes, he would defintely choose to be with a BEER in a cage (since thats how I say the word bear and he found it hilarious that I said it wrong proposing the question). I myself , I think I would go with the tiger. Only because they seem to be trained more then bears and hopefully the one I was in the cage with would be one that was trained well and was having a good peaceful day and that he was feed, so chance of attack would be at low. It's 5:30 am, I think I'll go back to bed. Or maybe I'll just make some coffee...

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Gramamama said...

Little Boy Blue....
He is too cute!
Love to all.