Tuesday, March 27, 2012

William for short

 Family activity yesterday morning:  whipping grapes at this sneaky stealy squirrel to get him to leave the bird feeder alone for a smidge.  well eventually I hit him with a grape and he still didnt budge, that is when I gave up and asked God to grant me the serenity for the things I could not change...
 This is our new fish:  Willy.  Willaim for short.  (hehe)
 This is Ben calling Grandpa Al, to wish him a Happy 60th birthday!
 If this trio does not say trouble, I don't knowwhat does...
 I love that Ben decided to upgrade his flower (and weed) giving to me by ripping a flowering limb off a tree and "surprising " me.  I told him it was quite lovely...but the branches do need to stay on the trees in the future.  The tulips are from my mom!  I wonder if Ben was trying to one up her...
There is nothing better than seeing a sleeping baby girl.  Seriously, this kid has not been sleeping again latley to well...so when she does its such a blessing (for me).  She needs to have all her stuff just so.  Her pillow in the right position, her several blankets and her baby...oh and her milk.

Noah is out running this morning.  The kids are still sleeping.  I am enjoying listening to the spring time birds singing.  I had my coffee already.  I am almost ready to start the day.  So recently, I have turned 37 years old.  I can't believe it.  I always feel so blessed by all the greetings, cards, calls and gifts that I receive from friends and family, that make feel like I am someone special!  It is a wonderful reminder of all the amazing people that I have in my life and how lucky that I am.  I announced that I have gray hair and I love my little Ben because he answered:  No mom, you have brown hair!!  Just brown hair.   (thanks Ben).   I've been enjoying walking at the park a bit in this early spring weather.  We already started grilling quite a bit as well.  Noah has already planted much in the garden.  I have not got to paint in a while (sick kids and other obligations and events), so I am really hoping to get my materials out today.  I am feeling the need.  I hung up my hummingbird feeder for the season.  Hope to see something soon. Can't think of anything else for the moment, so have a lovely day!

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