Tuesday, March 20, 2012

quick cuz my battery is dying.

 Let's go fly a kite...up to the highest height!   Here is my Ben enjoying the wind today.
 Rainy Baby.  The thunderstorms yesterday got Olivia quite frightened.  She found her favorite blanket and hid under it, crying.  
 The tricky Leprechaun made his way to our homefront again.  This time causing more trouble then usual.  He turned pictures upside down, cushions thrown, chairs tipped, toliet paper tossed...green milk, green water....  On top of all that, here is my Green Trio of of Trouble all sporting some kind of illness.  Olivia, broke out with some reaction from bug(s) bite (s), Isabelle had an eye cold type situation going on and Ben had a cough/throat thing going on. 
Today, Olivia and I took a walk in the woods near our house.  I sure wish I could find her shoes.  She hid them somewhere recently and I cannot locate them.   And... like I said that's all I have to report at the moment because my battery is about to cease.  Love & Blessings.

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