Friday, November 25, 2011

Gather Here with Grateful Hearts

I can't find my camera cord at the moment so I included a pic I took a few weeks back of Isabelle showing Olivia our first snow of the season.  The last several days, I have witnessed and celebrated Thanksgiving in so many ways.  I thank God for the amazing blessings in my life.  I have so many.  As we begin this Christmas season, I vow to try my best not to get wrapped up in the hustle , bustle...but to enjoy the genuine moments, to realize (and create) the magic, to celebrate the true reason and to truly enjoy.  Well, Flick our Elf has returned and the children have awakened and I can't wait for them to discover him... (more later!) Have a beautiful day!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pukey Fruit and a 1st draft Christmas list

 Here thing 2 and thing 3 are pictured after baths.  They are getting way too old for my liking.
 Here are some : upset eggs.
 We have been curling Isabelle's hair via Rag Curls and she absoutley loves it. 
 My handsome Ben.  He gets so excited when there is dress up day at school.  It's like his ultimate favorite.
 I have finally finished the firefighter themed mural that I was working on at a friend's house.  I have more pics of the other walls (now if only I could remember my painting site password/loggin so I could update my galleries!).
Monster fruit.   I prepared this for the kids afterschool snack yesterday.  they abosolutely loved it.  Besides the fact that I stabbed myself twice with a toothpick and also used frozen blueberries that stained my fingers...I thought it was pretty much a success. 

It is so windy outside today, I dont want to step foot out there again...but I must.  I am thankful that the weekend is here.  I am tired.  I want to take a nap.  

My brain isn't super top notch functioning at the moment so I will just share with you Ben's Christmas list for now.  This is exactly as it was dictated to me last night:  first draft:   Ben's Christmas List :  A flying green lantern suit.  An Iron man suit (flying!).  A Bat costume.  A Bat costume that never breaks and the stuff are all hooked together --please!.  A boy american doll with an aquin sweat shirt and aquin football clothes.  A computer.  A phone.  A two-wheeler.  A stuffed green elf that is 10 inches.  No, 24 inches.  I should have said 24!.  A flying buzz lightyear toy.  2 ramps for my jeep.  I think that is all.  that's a pretty good list I think.  Oh, and A baby ruth bat that talks.  A baseball that talks.  ..and some Chicken. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

no clue

The terrorism (destroying all things in her path) of Livy Monster continues through the land (my house and every single place we go).  I have decided to embrace her mischievous and rambunctious spirit instead of fighting it .  She yells at me less this way.  I think pretty soon I will be able to put this baby's hair in pigtails.  My coffee is weak and cold this morning.  The world is cold.  It snowed crazy wild yesterday and it was freezing.  The world can be so cruel.  By the end of the day yesterday, I was feeling so defeated by certain situations, I just wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.  I prayed for my heart not to feel so much saddness.  I feel better this morning.  I have no clue what today will bring, but I will just take it one step at a time and breathe and breathe and breathe and I will know that we are o.k.  Yesterday was an extremily busy day for us, part of the day was teacher conferences.  They went so well.  I am so proud of Isabelle and Ben, they are doing wonderful in school and feel so blessed by the teachers that they have.  I know they are in good hands with loving hearts.  Ben keeps adding leaves to our thankfulness tree.  The leaves keep getting bigger and bigger. hehe.  Also, I taught my first kindergarten art class this week and it went great!  I truly enjoyed being with those amazing little people and seeing their creations.  I look forward to the next session!  I should go since this is my second attempt at this post and time is fleeting.  So this is much shorter then my original, but I will write again someday...maybe even today...maybe not...Have a beautiful day!


ugh, I just wrote this whole giant post and it didn't go through and has disappeared.  joy.  Maybe, Ill try again later. 

Sunday, November 06, 2011

paper and glue and zoo

This was a fun project (painted photo stand-in) that I made for Ben's classroom halloween party.  Each child had their picture taken and they will be printed and sent home for the parents.
 Me & Mario
 A bunch of Suckers.
 A recent painting of mine:  Nutty Blessings. (acrylic 12x12 stretched canvas).
 The children working on our Thankfulness Tree.  Somethings written on the leaves:  God, family, friends, warm house, good health, healthy food, Jesus, laughter and smiles, candy, Travis, love, are (our) world, etc.
A journal that I made out of an old golden book, twine and misc. papers.  I forgot how much I love making journals.

We have actually been working on a ton of projects lately, so of course the house is an insane mess.  oh well, must move on.  Isabelle is absoutley loving playing basketball, she has a game late this afternoon.  Since Noah is out of town, I will be trying to wrestle Olivia in the stands by myself.  Snack size chocolate bars are pure evil. Currently I am Reading a book called:  God Makes Lemonade, it's a bunch of short stories.  Noah and I celebrated our 14th year anniversary this past week. I thought we were like on our 12 but I did the math and wow - it's fourteen.  We decided to just make it a quiet dinner at home since it was a school night with lots of homework and we coming off of the Halloween high.  Exciting news I have is that I was asked to help with Art in Ben's Kindergarten I get to plan the projects and then teach them the art session once a week.  I am so excited.  What a wonderful opportunity.  I love being around this age group and seeing what they create , I just find so much delight in them.   I am almost finished with the firefighter themed mural that I started awhile back.  I get there about once a week for a couple hours. I keep thinking I will finish today while I am there, but then Olivia throws a wrench (or actually toys at me) in the plan.  I thank my friend Teresa for her patience with me.  I will show pics when its completed.  We have been trying some new recipes lately.  Most are turning out good.  The garden is offically done.  I think I might make us some hot chocolate, there is a definte chill in the air.  Isabelle has been having some major meltdowns lately and it really makes me wonder how I will survive the teenage years (she is 8!).  Olivia's word list grows:  Uh-oh, MOM!  No! , Ut Up (shut up to the dog)!, down, night, hi, etc.  I barely ever sit down to watcha movie, so yesterday I watched Zookeeper with the kids.  It was cute (not the greatest flick in the world).  Speaking of zookeepers, thats how I feel latley, that I am running a zoo.  Wild animals everywhere.  Which reminds me, I'm tired.  The End.