Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Slow Down

 This is my most recent painting:  Titled:  Slow Down
 Here is a recent pic of my adorable Livy Monster.  She wrecks havoc every day.  Her newest "trick" is to batt her eyes at you and look all cute when she is causing trouble.
 Here are my new running shoes.  weird. freaky.  I know.   It is like running barefoot...yet not.  They are super cool.  I think they are almost magic.  Hope I get to use them...(lately, nothing but rain and baby).
 It was NERD day at school today. The kdis had such fun preparing this morning. 
I took me the whole flippen day to put away laundry away today (that included putting away summer clothes and having a little whirlwind rip everything off of hangers and unfold towels, etc).  I mad a beef roast in the crock pot, it smelled so good.  Busy week ahead still.  Wishing you well until we meet again! 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stop, Drop and Roll...

(stop, drop and roll - sarah - thanks for the laughs yesterday!)  This week I began working on a firefighter themed mural for a little boy's room.  I am so excited about this wonderful opportunity.  Today , Saturday morning:  Olivia is up before I want to be (as usual).  Isabelle is at a sleepover.  Ben is laying in my bed because he often makes his way there somehow.  We made our second fire of the season last night.  We read books.  It was a nice quiet and cozy night.  Today, I think I will go buy some running shoes.  I've decided that I will not run away, but I defintley will run.  This is the time of year that I wish I had more blankets in the house.  I wish I had pumpkins on my doorstep...and stew and soups on the stove.  So much going on around here, not really sure what I have updated on recently.  Isabelle has joined the Children's Choir and so far she is loving it.  Her first concert will be toward the end of October.  It's that time of year that I start thinking about Halloween costumes.   Although Isabelle wants to be smurfette (not sure if we will go that route)...I really have no ideas yet.  Although I resumed feeding my birds, I think they have already left me. K, I think that's all I have to share at the moment.  Much awaits in this lovely day.   May the best be yours.

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Dynamic Duo

I only have a few moments before the troops are up for the morning routine...so I wanted to share these pics quick.  I thought it was hilarious the other day..Noah had bought himself some new workout/running clothes and Ben saw his pants and yelled, I have those pants!  He ran to his closet and got them and I pulled out one of his shirts that looked similar to the one noah was wearing.  I couldn't stop laughing seeing them both dressed the same.  Ben was so proud. hehe.  It reminded me of the movie: royal tennibaums when ben stiller and his sons wore matching red workout suits. hehe   Anyway...Happy Friday - I hope to write more soon!  I am off to paint a mural today!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

How do you like them AppLes?

Yes, the time has come.  Fall has arrived.  We had a fun family outing at the Apple Orchard this weekend.  It was beyond lovely.  More updates coming soon.  Happy Sunday Night.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

To Swing is Not her Thing

So Livy Monster does not seem to like the swings at the park.  That's o.k.   Different Strokes for Different Folks.  I am beyond exhausted tonight and I am not really sure why.  My back hurts like heck and I should go take my contacts out (but then I wont be able to see much since my "glasses" need to be updated).  I made broccoli cheese ham soup for the evening meal it was good except the part when I burnt my tongue!  I made bedtime about 20 minutes early tonight because the noise and the climbing and the wrestling and the mess were all getting to me...I could no longer take the chaos so I ended it.  I didn't even read a story to the youngins, yep that's the kind of mom I am - tonight.   The cool breeze seeping through my window yander is A m A z I nG.  Fall, Fall - please come to me.  So, the day came that I never thought would come....I have pushed Ranch aside to make way for a new salad dressing favorite.  That new favorite is:   Honey Mustard.  I truly enjoy it.  Its a nice change.  I have been eating lots of salads lately and Ranch just wasn't cutting the mustard anymore if you know what I mean.  The battery on my scale is dying.  I have no stamps in the house even though I have stuff to mail.   I have a new phone so now I can text more properly, so that is super.  The family spent a wonderful weekend in Kentucky for a baptism.  Noah and I were blessed to be asked to be my niece, Ava's Godparents.  What an honor.  We had a wonderful time this weekend with lots of family.  The worse part of the adventure was the actual road trip in which Miss O cried 90% of the time.  She was just very unhappy with the car situation.  It really doesnt help that all of a sudden all her teeth are deciding to make their way into the world.  I am not a good map reader so don't ask me.  I don't like hotels that forget to clean out their coffee pots.  School is going along o.k. besides the fact that Ben has been getting his name on the board and Isabelle has not been doing so swell in math....but we are working on improving these things and so far so good.  I have a room full of laundry to put away and a sink full of dishes to wash, but those things will have to wait til tomorrow...or the next day.  Today was school pictures.  I sent the children looking smashing but who knows what the pics will reveal.  hehe, it's always a surprise.  I have not been in a reading mood at all lately which is quite weird.  Man, am I tired.  Did I mention that?  Such a busy week ahead.  I tell myself to:  breathe.  Good Night :)