Saturday, January 09, 2010

White Coldness

The world is frozen . Is coffee a gift from God? I think so. Especially since I have a strong feeling that I am in the process of getting a sore throat, so not only is it warming me up this a.m. and waking me up, but it is also soothing the oncoming irritation/pain. This was a very busy week around here. 3-D Ultrasound - So I was supposed to have another ultrasound due to the heart chambers were hidden last time due to position, so as I go in for another ultrasound before my appt. on monday - I learn that my dr's office just got a brand new 3-d machine! I can't even begin to explain how amazing it was to watch my baby on the screen. It was truly a miracle to see. I also got some pics to take home and I find myself constantly looking at the baby's face. It truly makes waiting so much easier. Isabelle and Ben are completely amazed by the pictures. So all is good in that department, I go back next month then after that, my appts will be every two weeks. I finally got Ben (and myself) a haircut this week. So he no longer looks like Shaggy from Scoobydoo. I had a flat tire on Monday so that was crappy, especially since surrounded air hoses were frozen, so I took it to a local place for fixing , which is probably best anyway! We had dinner out twice this week: Imperial Palace (chinese) and Amigos (mexican). At home we had: Spagehetti Squash (use squash instead of noodles), tacos, Chicken Broccoli Alfredo. Isabelle had dance and brownies.

Which brings me to the news of: GIRL SCOUT COOKIES. She is now offically selling them, so if you are interested in an order, let us know , we will be happy to arrange the transaction! Some Details: On sale now, will come in march. money due in march when cookies arrive. 3.50 per box. Types: carmel delites, peanut butter patties, shortbread, thin mints, peanut butter sandwich, thanks a lot, lemonades, daisy go rounds.

Mail of the week: A priority package from Uncle Jim's Worm Farm. The kids were waiting for this to arrive and were almost excited as Christmas morning when it did. Noah ordered 2000 worms for his compost bin that he set up in the basement in prepartion for his mega super amazing garden planned for the spring. I thought it was crazy to recieve a box in the mail that had breathing holes punched into it.

I finally found and replaced my dollar calendar/planner with an excellent one that I purchased for 25% off at a local office supply. I am thrilled! whoah. So fun to write in (I know Im a total dork). Current Searches that I am on for future soon purchases: A cute and original TOTE bag (for myself) and some fun/cool linen napkins for the kitchen (we have decided to stop using paper and try this for a change) . O.k., I have rambled way too much this morning and the troops want scrambled eggs. Have a lovely weekend! p.s. Happy Birthday Elvis.

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Flipfloppingmamma said...

Love the picture and i love my new calendar too. I got it on sale at target and it's so much to sit down and fill out all the blank lines.