Monday, January 18, 2010

Gnome at Home

Here we see Gill the Garden Gnome writing out his grocery list. He is very forgettful so if he doesn't write it down, it slips right out of his underused deranged noggin.

Recently, Gill invited Spiderman for a spot of tea. They enjoyed their visit and discussed everything but religion and politics. They avoid those subjects due to some past upset which caused them to become on nonspeaking terms for quite awhile. Grateful for their rekindleship, they decided it was best to discuss lighter subjects such as which flower is the prettiest and how their knitting is going. They had such a joyous time they promised eachother that they should meet again like this very soon.

Here I snapped a photo of Gill sulking. You can't really tell, but he is very angry with me. He is wishing and dreaming of sledding outside, but quite honestly I did not feel like dressing him up properly and taking him out because once we are outside he usually has to pee. Then he starts complaining about how cold he is, he also doenst like to carry his own sled up the hill, so honestly, what is the point? I just didn't have the energy to deal with it. Get over it Gill.

Here you see Gill relaxing. Reading in bed is one of his favorite winter pasttimes. He is so busy in the spring, summer and fall...with all of his chores and outdoor festivities...that he really tries to enjoy that quiet time in the winter months.

Here we find Gill hiding in the soap dish. Sometimes he just wants to be alone. Away from the children, away from the dog, away from me. I always seem to find him though. All I have to do is listen to hear the lyrics of twinkle twinkle little star....he usually sings it when he gets lonely or afraid.

Thanks for sharing in my Gnome at Home series. In the past I have written/created a little photo/quote book of Gnome at Home (don't tell Gill but it was a different Gnome). I missed taking photos and documenting these little creatures so I thought I would rekindle this lost project. Good day!


Nikki said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! And, you better watch Gills back cuz next time I come over that cutie may come home in my purse! :)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know gnomes used shower gel..... I guess a bar of soap would be to big, even those little ones that you get from the hotel... A.C.

stephanie said...

HILARIOUS!! I may have peed my pants when I read this. His list looks a bit like mine, but I might substitute some Italian red wine.

Flipfloppingmamma said...

you crack me up!!! Apparently you are getting a little 'snow'crazy!