Friday, January 30, 2009

I can't help myself....

This is a vase (fabric covered soup can) with some lovely flowers ( pens with fakes attached). It is super cute for a desk or as a gift! You can even spray the flowers with a gentle and lovely scent.

This is the finished tutu. Hopefully I can get a pic with Isabelle wearing it soon. It was so easy and turned out super cute! I think it cost me only $8.00 to make between the tulle and ribbon.
Projects keep calling my name and they aren't the ones that I am required to do. I need to pack away all my supplies, seal it up - so I can focus focus focus. I am so thankful that is friday. Whoah. Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


What is wrong with me? o.k....maybe don't answer that. hehe But seriously - I have a crucial "To Do" list, yet I can't seem to focus and concentrate at the tasks at hand. I just want to do fun, creative things....but real life keeps getting in the way and demanding that I take care of responsibilities.

Anyway, pictured above are two recent "projects" I have taken on in the last two days even though my time should be used more wisely. The first is : RECYCLED CHUNKY CRAYONS. I have seen this around and decided to give it a try. The kids LOVE them! You just take your broken crayons, shed them of their paper garments...throw them in a muffin tin...whip them in the oven and bake. The second project that I have been wanting to do for a long time is: a NO-SEW TUTU for Isabelle. tulle & satin ribbon..ties and scissors and bam, you should have yourself a tutu. I have not attempted this yet, just got the materials this a.m.

In other news its snowing again. big surprise there. I am drinking a coca-cola, the kind that comes in a can. I am not a soda pop drinker, but I felt the need today. I am thankful to aunt Mary for finding my long-saught after Eucalyptus that I need for an upcoming MOPS project. Whoah! I wonder if the mail came yet, I don't think so. I have a scarf wrapped around my neck cuz im freezing. Last night I made spinach ravioli, tonight I shall make some kind of beef stew. I am thrilled that tomorrow is friday for various reasons. Thanks to wonderful family and friends, Isabelle has offically sold approx. 100 boxes of girlscout cookies! She is so excited. For the orders that I took for her, she keeps asking me who ordered which cookies , it's so cute. It is exciting, we are now looking at paint colors for the rooms for the house in town. Isabelle wants her room to be rainbow. Isabelle wants fake nails. Isabelle now wants everyone to call her: just BELLE. She asks me why I named her with such a long name. Isabelle has an eye dr. appt. next week. She insists that she is going blind. She is now walking into tables and can't even see me when I come to pick her up for school. She thinks she might get hannah montana glasses...or diamond glasses...not really sure yet.


just a note: new post and catching up on emails later today!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeah, it's still cold.

Cold Livestock

Resting Dog

Restless Children

The Sweater Weather Gang.
Oven baked chicken that tastes like fried.

Misc. Musings on a Thursday.
Ben is napping so I am thrilled. My head hurts so I should be napping too.
Had MOPS this morning. Joyful meeting - got to catch up with friends and relax.
I've been busy having fun loading music on my iPod.
I need to get a car adapter for my iPod...and a pretty case.
The Desperate Housewives soundtrack is actually a pretty good one.
I'm excited for a new bible study group starting soon. - this one is called: Experience the Ultimate Makeover: Discovering God's Transforming Power.
I wish I could attend the Hearts at Home conference this year, but I think I will have to take a pass, since it is a whole weekend away and we are quite inbetween houses at the moment with a lot of work ahead.
Girl Scout Cookie Sales are still on. I think the 28th is the last day for orders.
Thin mints seem to be the most popular choice.
I think I might make mini meatloafs for dinner this evening,
either that or some kind of porkchop dish.
Ben's favorite saying/response now is: Of course. It is so funny.
"Ben, please pick up your train tracks." - "of course, mom"
"Ben, is your dinner good?" "of course".
Isabelle's biggest concern of the moment is if she will have her own desk when she is in first grade. She says she is ready for first grade now because she wants her own desk.
Isabelle just yelled at Lance for eating her cheese stick.
A new episode of ThE OfFiCe is on tonight so that's just super exciting.
I need a hair cut. Maybe that's why my head hurts. bye.

Monday, January 19, 2009

There's no place like Gnome

Things really do feel a tad brighter and possible when everyone is healthy and not absolutely freezing. The kids are on the mend and the weather is not being as brutal as it has been the last few days. This weekend has proved to be productive for me as I continue to pack. The kids have been watching a lot of movies, but that's o.k. They need to rest and they seem happy! That's all I have to report at the moment. Have a super-duper Monday!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

hold on & hope up

Here is elated Benjamin at the tire shop (as we wait for our flat tire to be fixed)....he was thrilled to be surrounded by tires and cars and the miccilan (sorry dont know how to spell that) man in which he called: snow guy!
O.k., I found these (Ben's choice cars) stored in Noah's slippers the other day. Please ignore the dog hair on these slippers, Lance likes to lay on them.

My brother got us this great gift for christmas from Cosco. It's Batter Blaster! Bam, instant pankcakes in any size you want in only moments! Isabelle liked the tiny ones, Ben liked the giant ones.

This was our Chili dinner cooking last night.

..and this is my sweet little sick girl sleeping on the couch just now. I just want to cry when the kids are sick (partly because I was up all night but mostly because I can't take the pain away).

So, this has not been my best week in recent history. In fact it has been pretty crappy all around. I am trying to keep my chin up and sing tomorrow...tomorrow...but then tomorrow comes and it is somewhat worse crappy then today was...but I know this will change's just the swing we are in. Toward the beginning of the week, I got a flat tire on one of the super freezing days...and on that same day, I had to pick Isabelle up from school early - she was sick again (we thought she was all better - yet obviously not). Among other things that have been going array...I am just getting discouraged with many things that are happening or not happening. Also , I feel like I am getting nowhere with my packing, organizing and deleting. It's just too darn cold outside and Inside, I feel like an icicle about to break...or melt. o.k. I'm done being dramatic and whiney. Just wanted to check in and say howdy. I know once health is restored in my family and warmth takes over the earth, things will get much better. Until then, I hold on, and hope up.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Flying Horse

- Misc. Thoughts/Comments on a cold Monday -
Being a mother of a toddler never know what you are going to find next (flying horse). Don't buy cheap boots because the snow will soak right through and you might as well be wearing flip flops. I should be cleaning or packing or cleaning and packing but I am on the computer and I really should not be. Sometimes I think the weekend in the winter is way too long for my whole family to be in a house together. I bought one of those big exercize balls, now I have to figure out what to do with it. I love when Isabelle wears her leotard for dance class and her little tummy sticks out the way little girls tummies stick out - so cute. I finally joined FaceBook and it has been so fun to connect/reconnect! This weekend I finally sat down and watched Tinkerbell (the movie) with Isabelle. What a cute movie! I just love it. o.k., I better go - just wanted check in! Good day to you!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sad Scout

This pathetic little Daisy Scout is so sad that she has not sold any cookies yet.
This adorable girl promises to be happy and sweet if You buy cookies from her.
She just wants to earn her first patch...that is all....oh and a few other items on the prize list like : a radio, a camera, cash, etc... nothing big really. (hehe)

There are 8 different kinds of cookies to choose from.
At such a lovely reasonable price to boot.
oh, and girl scout cookies freeze well so you can keep them forever.

If you would like more information or would like to place an order with Isabelle the Daisy Scout. Please contact her via phone/or email your order and I will have her contact/visit you.
Thank you and Good day.

(was this stunt shameless?, I don't think so....hehe/ We just can't get out's just not safe these days, plus it's cold & snowing!)

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy Birthday Elvis

My super happy girl child.
The same child wearing her "seeing glasses"

My Ipod in action as I prepare the evening meal.

A stage of the preparation of the evening meal (Spinach Chicken Bake)

Some of my blog readers have expressed concerns of whether I am still alive or not. I would like to answer :well, why -yes, I am. Life has been crazy busy and I have had no grand photos to share, so I guess I put the blog in the corner for a bit. But time-out is over. hehe

hmmm...where to begin in my misc. musings and report?

Well, I'll start with our big news - we have finally closed on a humble abode in town. I am finally putting my fears/reservations aside and getting excited about this upcoming change. I believe with all my heart that this will be a very good change for my family. The process of moving will be slow/step by step as we have some improvements , etc to make to the house before we occupy it. Within a month or two, we should be living there for the most part. More info to follow. I guess I better get quite serious about my packing. Boxes anyone?

Isabelle starts selling (daisy) girl scout cookies tomorrow, if you are interested in purchasing these wonderful super great treats, please contact Miss Isabelle Claire (through me would be just fine) to place your Order.

I am very sad that the office is not on tonight. very sad.

"I'll trade my shirt for a grilled cheese sandwich" - stewie / family guy
(just overheard this great nugget from the television)

We were talking to Isabelle about change last night as she is learning about it in school. This is her interpretation of what the coins are called. The the break down:
quarters: corners
dimes: diamonds
nickels: nickels
pennies: browns

So, I seriously must say that I made an excellent meal this evening. I tried a new recipe: Spinach Chicken bake. It includes, but is not limited to: spinach, chicken, garlic, amazing cheeses, artichoke (optional). If you would like this recipe, let me know, I would be happy to share this glorious combination of greatness.

People often tell me that my children have such BEAUTIFUL eyes, and then they proceed to ask me, where do they get them from? (meaning, obviously not you ).

I kept Isabelle home from school today. Her tummy hurt. She was having problems all day. Of course her illness falls at an awful time because I was due at MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) meeting with a craft and some grub. It worked out though, I dragged the kids in the car, dropped the stuff off and my wonderful teammates/friends took care of the rest!

We also had furnace problems last evening/into today. lovely frozen fun - but , all is o.k. now.

Can I just say that I love the library. I love that I can put things on hold via the Internet and then go pick them up at the front desk without having to bring Ben upstairs to the non-kids section of the library in which he proceeds to run away from me and scream at the top of his lungs. There is just something he doesn't understand about the word: quiet. - shhh - this is a learning institution kid. People come here with the hope of peace. Child, please be aware of other people's needs at this time and this place. Nope , he just doesn't understand.

Ben's current favorite statement: No way!

OMG, I am sorry but the worst invention in the entire universe and I probably have mentioned this in the past a time or two, is the damn ( yeah, that's right I said damn!) "shopper in trainer" carts! damn those carts and their inventors! Ben and I are cruising along just fine in Cubs the other day, I am looking for dill salad dressing and not finding any. DO stores carry dill? I had it at a restaurant somewhat recently and have had the desire ever since, yet my mission has remained unsuccessful as I cannot find it. Sure I know there is dill dip, but I am not looking for dip. So anyway, we are cruising on just fine , when he sees a little girl with the little mini training shopping cart. I saw the little girl and I said to myself "oh crap" and I was right to feel such strong anxiety over this situation, because Ben points, screams and goes running toward the front of the store where he remembers that the little carts sit there waiting for the children to wheel them away in pure delight as they know the possibilities with this contraption are endless. Let me tell you, not only does the cart tip over a few times due to this giant heavy flag on the top (nice design idiot whoever created this crappola cart), but it is instantly filled with what Ben would love to take home ( a 10 lb box of rainbow goldfish crackers for example). The cart rams into unexpected shoppers too. Such a great event, constantly apologizing to these unsuspecting innocents. Anyway, my advice to any parent who may think oh it would be so cute to introduce my child to this fun little cart....DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!! You will regret every moment and pray for your shopping trip to be over as painlessly as possible. O.k... that is the end of this current rant.

o.k. I guess I shall sign off for the evening. There are kids to prepare for slumber. I anxiously await this time of evening (as my parenting patience is spent) I can grab my current Sookie Stakehouse Southern vampire series book and call it a night. Peace Out. Lights Out.