Thursday, January 22, 2009

Yeah, it's still cold.

Cold Livestock

Resting Dog

Restless Children

The Sweater Weather Gang.
Oven baked chicken that tastes like fried.

Misc. Musings on a Thursday.
Ben is napping so I am thrilled. My head hurts so I should be napping too.
Had MOPS this morning. Joyful meeting - got to catch up with friends and relax.
I've been busy having fun loading music on my iPod.
I need to get a car adapter for my iPod...and a pretty case.
The Desperate Housewives soundtrack is actually a pretty good one.
I'm excited for a new bible study group starting soon. - this one is called: Experience the Ultimate Makeover: Discovering God's Transforming Power.
I wish I could attend the Hearts at Home conference this year, but I think I will have to take a pass, since it is a whole weekend away and we are quite inbetween houses at the moment with a lot of work ahead.
Girl Scout Cookie Sales are still on. I think the 28th is the last day for orders.
Thin mints seem to be the most popular choice.
I think I might make mini meatloafs for dinner this evening,
either that or some kind of porkchop dish.
Ben's favorite saying/response now is: Of course. It is so funny.
"Ben, please pick up your train tracks." - "of course, mom"
"Ben, is your dinner good?" "of course".
Isabelle's biggest concern of the moment is if she will have her own desk when she is in first grade. She says she is ready for first grade now because she wants her own desk.
Isabelle just yelled at Lance for eating her cheese stick.
A new episode of ThE OfFiCe is on tonight so that's just super exciting.
I need a hair cut. Maybe that's why my head hurts. bye.

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