Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sad Scout

This pathetic little Daisy Scout is so sad that she has not sold any cookies yet.
This adorable girl promises to be happy and sweet if You buy cookies from her.
She just wants to earn her first patch...that is all....oh and a few other items on the prize list like : a radio, a camera, cash, etc... nothing big really. (hehe)

There are 8 different kinds of cookies to choose from.
At such a lovely reasonable price to boot.
oh, and girl scout cookies freeze well so you can keep them forever.

If you would like more information or would like to place an order with Isabelle the Daisy Scout. Please contact her via phone/or email your order and I will have her contact/visit you.
Thank you and Good day.

(was this stunt shameless?, I don't think so....hehe/ We just can't get out's just not safe these days, plus it's cold & snowing!)


stephanie said...

Hilarious!! I love the sad vs happy faces. Not shameless at all... I used to put an "ad" in my Christmas letter. I've got it on my Facebook page too. We have to help the girls the best we can. So far I've ordered 18 boxes - just for myself.

sally said...

Can you ship caramel delights? because if you can, i will gladly order a gazillion of those. thank you.

Emily said...

I wish I could buy some Daisy Cookies! :(

Anonymous said...

Grammama wants a Happy Girl...
I will call you later with my order. The hard part is deciding how many to get so they last more than a day...
I know the ladies at work will love them.
How many do you have to sell for a Disney Vacation?