Thursday, January 15, 2009

hold on & hope up

Here is elated Benjamin at the tire shop (as we wait for our flat tire to be fixed)....he was thrilled to be surrounded by tires and cars and the miccilan (sorry dont know how to spell that) man in which he called: snow guy!
O.k., I found these (Ben's choice cars) stored in Noah's slippers the other day. Please ignore the dog hair on these slippers, Lance likes to lay on them.

My brother got us this great gift for christmas from Cosco. It's Batter Blaster! Bam, instant pankcakes in any size you want in only moments! Isabelle liked the tiny ones, Ben liked the giant ones.

This was our Chili dinner cooking last night.

..and this is my sweet little sick girl sleeping on the couch just now. I just want to cry when the kids are sick (partly because I was up all night but mostly because I can't take the pain away).

So, this has not been my best week in recent history. In fact it has been pretty crappy all around. I am trying to keep my chin up and sing tomorrow...tomorrow...but then tomorrow comes and it is somewhat worse crappy then today was...but I know this will change's just the swing we are in. Toward the beginning of the week, I got a flat tire on one of the super freezing days...and on that same day, I had to pick Isabelle up from school early - she was sick again (we thought she was all better - yet obviously not). Among other things that have been going array...I am just getting discouraged with many things that are happening or not happening. Also , I feel like I am getting nowhere with my packing, organizing and deleting. It's just too darn cold outside and Inside, I feel like an icicle about to break...or melt. o.k. I'm done being dramatic and whiney. Just wanted to check in and say howdy. I know once health is restored in my family and warmth takes over the earth, things will get much better. Until then, I hold on, and hope up.

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