Monday, August 18, 2008

My bAbY bOy is TwO!

Ben had an amazingly fun birthday! He started his day opening presents which included a Super Hero Cape (Isabelle got one too) , A Thomas the Train Bedding Set and some Thomas the Train pieces/set. Both the kids had a dr. appt in the morning (Isabelle got 4 shots for her school exam! poor girl ) and then we came home to find Aunt Mary with Happy Meals (or as ben calls them - happy me's). The rest of the day was filled with fun and celebration. Happy 2nd Birthday Benjamin!

These last two weeks actually have been one nonstop celebration. We have done so much and I have so many photos and stories to share. After Isabelle's birthday, we spent a few days at Grandma and Grandpa's in Oak Lawn, while there we got to visit the Zoo, fun stores, Uncle Al's and his fish pond... This weekend, we got to go to the county fair and visit with more family.

I plan to be getting thank you notes out, but I did want to thank everyone for celebrating the kids birthdays with us, for being there..for the wonderful cards and gifts that were sent and given. We are truly blessed and loved.

This week will be a lot of catching up....and then on friday: I will be bringing Isabelle to Kindergarten to meet her new teacher and see her classroom! Happy Monday Everyone!

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