Monday, August 25, 2008

1st day Kindergarten

Student: Isabelle

Grade: K

Outfit: Birthday outfit from Uncle Jeff & Erin

Gear: Ariel Back Pack from Grandma Barb & Grandpa Al

Ben grabs his backpack and inserts himself into the photo shoot.

I did not cry. I thought that I would, but I did not. (her 2 preschool first days, I was an quite emotional basket case). I prepared myself all summer and I prepared Isabelle for this day. This day that I oh so dreaded, yet at the same time could not wait for it's arrival....It was so great, went so smooth. Happy Isabelle (to be with friends and learning!). Happy Mom (because there were no tears, fits or anxiety). Happy Ben (to get alone time with mommy). Win Win Win

Isabelle's favorite part of the day was "naptime and snacktime too and when the teacher read a letter". (parent's had to write a special short note to their kids that would be open and read on their first day, It was a suprise).

Isabelle's least favorite part of the day was "there was a very mean girl in class who was doing bad stuff to everybody and she didn't get a time out."

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