Friday, August 08, 2008

Isabelle Turns 5!

We arrive at the arts center for Isabelle's friend party and 3 cats come out to greet us!
Isabelle and her friends made princess hats along with other fairytale projects!
We sing happy birthday to the Princess. (she wanted Pupcakes, no cake).
After the party we came home for lunch. Here she is eating her favorite meal of all time: The Happy Meal. We ended the day with a meal at Applebee's and and Pupcakes and Presents at home. It was truly a Fairytale day!
My little princess. Five years old. Happy Birthday my sweet love. If I start to think about it too much I truly get emotional. Time slips away in a blink of an eye. Every once in a while I torture Isabelle with an interview so here is the most recent:

If you could have one superpower what would it be?
To save my life.
What chore do you not like the most?
Cleaning up toys!
What is the last movie that you saw in the theatre?
WallE with aunt Mary!
What is your favorite song?
Tomorrow and all the Annie songs!
What is your favorite lunch?
Happy Meal. (specifically she always chooses:
hamburger, no onions or pickles, apple dippers and chocolate milk)
What is the last nice thing you did for someone?
Shared my Skittles with Ben.
What makes you mad?
When Ben takes things away.
Where do you want to go to vacation?
Disneyworld so I can meet Tinkerbell!
Whose your favorite princess?
What is your favorite TV Show?
Dragon Tales and Arthur.
What is your favorite game?
Pretty Pretty Princess
What is your favorite restaurant?
Chinese! And then I can use the porkchops! (chopsticks)
What is different now that you are five years old?
I get to do homework and I am taller with my butterfly flipflops on!

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Nikki said...

That interview is too stinking cute! And what a GREAT idea, I need to start doing this!!!!! Love the party too, so creative! Give me a call, things have really calmed down (since I quit one of my jobs lol) and I'd LOVE to get together!