Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tulip Picnic and Such

I always say that Autumn is my favorite season, and it is! But, Spring is almost equally amazing. I just had the nicest lunch date...with Isabelle. Since Noah took Ben for a hair cut and lunch, I thought that Isabelle and I should have a picnic outside.

So, we packed a basket with tuna fish sandwiches, cheese slices, pudding and drinks...grabbed a blanket and had a nice quiet lunch outside among nature's best. Just the perfect weather and peace (usually Ben is a hurricane to all situations, so it was nice to just have calm). Isabelle (with dirt on her nose) and I talked about the important things in life: like why Cinderella's step sisters wouldnt let her go to the ball with them and the inquiries such as "Mom, did they have bikes when you were little?".
Noah just sent me a pic from his phone of ben after his hair cut. Ben does not look happy.
It looks now like its going to rain. It's going to rain on my laundry. Yesterday, the kids were playing fine. Ben was sitting in a diaper box. I went outside to get the mail, came back in and Isabelle was yelling and running toward me: Ben hurt himself! Ben was crying and running toward me...His NOSE was bleeding all over the place! He moved the box over next to this little desk, must have tipped it over and hit his face. This little boy has bled more within his baby existance (nose, lip, mouth, finger,etc) than Isabelle has her entire life. I can't believe that Isabelle will soon be having a graduation from preschool. I can't believe they are going to have a little ceremony. The bummer part is it is on a wednesday night, so relatives wont be able to come out for it. Good thing I have my Video Camera! I will be signing Isabelle up for her first dance class this summer, so that should be fun! The garden vegetables are starting to slowly rise beyond the dirt. Isabelle is currently picking me some dandielions. I guess I should go get some work done! Remember to smell the Tulips, they fleet way too fast!

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