Wednesday, May 21, 2008

misc. updates

The Garden is coming up quite nice.
You see here, the lettuce/spinach row.

and her brother have returned!

Yesterday was an Annie day around here. Watching the movie, dancing....and Ben likes to take the wig off of Isabelle and put it on himself. You should hear Ben sing Dumb Dog! If you sing it, he repeats it very clear.

It feels like an insane asylum around her lately. It has been crackers and nuts. Loud and busy. Today is the last day of school for Isabelle and tonight is her graduation. Tomorrow is a fun day at the park for her class.

Also tomorrow is my last MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group of the season, it's a brunch. Don't know what I am bringing yet. Next year, I will play a bigger role in my MOPS group. I will be on the steering team as Creative Activities Leader. I honestly, felt called to do this and I am so very excited about this opportunity.

Once Upon The End - My online papercrafting store is going so great. I am actually having a hard time trying to make things and keep up (not complaining, it's a good thing). Still working on the balancing of it all. Also, trying not to put so much pressure on myself, only doing what I can, and letting the rest go for another day. :)

Have made no new recipes lately. Although we have a new cookbook in the house: Disney's The Magic Kitchen Cookbook. I can't wait to make some of the fun stuff in there with Isabelle.
Toddler notes: I wanted to share this funny. Ben loves to push the doll stroller outside. Well, the other day, I noticed my Gnome statue missing from the back porch, I look at Ben and sure enough he is pushing it in the little stroller like its a baby. My little weirdo.
I love that whenever Ben hears music (even on a commerical), that he instantly starts dancing. I don't love that Ben is constantly throwing the dog food into the water dish.
I think I have rambled enough for this a.m. Much to do. Honey Bunches of Oats to Eat, Places to go, people to see...I don't want to be late, late, late for a very important date...

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