Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our Butterfly & misc.

Our Little Butterfly Graduating from Preschool

Strawberry Mice I made for a brunch.

The Newest Members of the BLUE MAN GROUP. (AUnt Mary, did I thank you for the sidewalk paint? thanks...haha)
Heres a little misc. recap of our last few days: School has come to end for the season, Isabelle had her gradution ceremony this week. (I recorded it, if anyone wants to see it). In the chaos and craziness of this week's festivities, my mind was on overload and fast mode, I guess because I got a speeding ticket - JOY. Ben is saying a lot more words all of a sudden (sleepy, belle, baby, ball, diaper, milk , juice, bankee (blanket), cherrio, beer, bear...pretty much it seems, he can and tries to repeat whatever he hears. I serisouly wish that I could pay someone to get my house in order. I feel overwhelmed by each room, not only the dirt mess, but the clutter. The Office Season has come to an end and I am sad and having withdrawls. I haven't seen any good movies lately...oh, unless you count Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. That is such a great movie and I just recently saw it. I made potatoe salad from scratch tonight. I think well worth the effort, verses the store verison. This weekend we are mostly staying close to the homestead, to catch up on things and just relax. Tonight we are going to have a bon fire with smores. FUN. So anyway, for now I want to wish ya'all a very happy, safe, silly and grand Memorial Day Weekend.

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