Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A fondness for shoes & still more snow

Ben wearing Isabelle's Dorothy ruby slipper shoes.

Snow I woke up to this morning.

Beautiful....yet I am ready for it to go away....
School was cancelled today (even though Isabelle doesn't go on Tuesdays). Isabelle recently got a time out at school! I picked her up from school, we were drivng home and she told me: Me and Isa (her friend Isabella) got a time out today! For what? For running.... (she was embarrassed, yet at the same time proud of getting in trouble). Driving to school yesterday, Isabelle informed me that it was really FROGGY OUT. I said froggy? and she said yes, froggy! (I myself, I thought it was really foggy out, but what do I know).
In the first picture we see Ben wearing Isabelle's shoes...he loves to wear shoes, hats, purses, backpacks...

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