Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blow Flower

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I thank God for coffee. I know there is a many number of people in the world who don't require coffee to wake themselves up, well I am not one of them. What is with that two headed dragon on dragon tales anyway...I mean seriously, it kind of freaks me out. Isabelle is asking me to make her some Spiderman Pancakes. Sometimes Isabelle tells me that she has had a dream and I ask what it was about and she says: Cinderella. Recently she told me she had a good dream! And I said oh yeah about what? (fully expecting her standard answer) and she said: grapes! Another Isabelle tidbit...last weekend, my brother gave her two quarters and she has been carrying them around with her everywhere ever since. Well, Isabelle had a birhtday party to attend (I swear this kid has been to more birthday parties in her 3 1/2 short years than I have my entire life), so we had to go the store for a gift for her friend. We picked something out and brought it up to the check out. Isabelle then goes up to the cashier and hands her the 50 cents..."I am buying a birthday present for my friend Michael." I just thought it was the sweetest thing ever. That little kid is always suprising me. Ben will soon (next week) have his 9 month check up. He is lifting himself up and standing against everything. He is constantly reaching for and getting into all things (except toys , haha), I think he would eat a steak if we let him, He giggles like a maniac and loves to be held. He is currently in 12-18 month clothes. Crazy! I never thought I would call him Benny...but I do, all the time! Well, among about a hundred other nicknames. The perfect sandwich (well this is my two abe lincoln's anyway) - shaved turkey, provolone cheese, mayo and rye bread. Let us talk BOOKS for a moment. I just recently started reading adult ( adult meaning non-children, not meaning fabio type publications) again and I kicked off the comback with The true story of Hansel and Gretel. Well, last night more than half way through, I have finally closed the book. I put it down, never to open again. I can't remember doing that before... giving up on a book...saying no, I dont want to be in this world anymore. But, I did. This book was really depressing and I so don't need that right now. I thought I would like it because of the fairy tale element, but no. The end. I was so depressed at the point that I closed this book, that I needed a pick me up. So, I started reading a book I have been meaning to read for a long while. Ya Ya's in Bloom. This is the 3rd in the series of the yaya sisterhood. I love the writer's (Rebecca Wells - sorry didnt look that up to see if its spelled correctly cuz the book is upstairs) style. It has been such a fun book so far (even though I just started). The part that really hooked me was that one of the characters, as a young girl got a pecan stuck up her nose and had to go to the doctor to get it out...well the same thing happened to me when I was a kid! Except it was a rock.

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