Monday, December 04, 2006

Two Deer

Two Deer in the Snow (a lesson in prayer) by Cheryl 12.03.06

Earlier in the evening, I was feeling very frustrated and sad. I was at my wits end with misc. situations throughout the day. I went up to my room alone for a few minutes (since I am never alone, I decided I needed to steal a few moments) and I got down on my knees and I prayed. I prayed and I cried. Tears were falling down my cheeks and my heart felt like it was actually aching. I ended my prayer and got up, moved the curtain over and looked out my bedroom window. We had a beautiful snow the day before and it looked so peaceful out there, I thought to myself wouldn’t it be neat if I saw a deer right now as a little sign that God heard my prayer and was with me. There was no deer of course. Silly thought, I know. I knew I just had to believe, it didn’t need to be proven to me. I went downstairs and resumed my evening activities, not with the greatest heart, but in better condition than what I was in when I went upstairs.

Well, at 3.a.m. this morning, Ben wanted to get up which is not unusual. I carried him downstairs to make him a bottle and change him. I placed him down and then went into the kitchen to make his bottle like I usually do. I had not turned any lights on yet. (outside in the country everything is pitch black at night, but everything was lit up outside by the moon & snow). I looked out the window that is above the sink and there and then I saw them. Two deer in the snow. They were in my backyard just wandering around. It felt like magic to see them there. (I dont see deer too often around here, especially never near the house). Ben was fussing that I left him alone and hadn’t fed or changed him yet, so I went and picked him up, held him and I continued to watch the deer. They came very close to the house and just poked around, looking for food and exploring. They walked so peacefully in the snow. I watched them for several minutes (and Ben was fine with that which is a miracle in itself). Then the deer went by the front of the house and stayed there a bit. That’s when I realized that I was watching them out of the window that was directly below my bedroom window. They were standing exactly where I had “hoped” to see a deer earlier.


sally said...

Isn't it amazing to know that you are being watched over? Just when you need it the most, you are able to see that this is true.

Anonymous said...

Unlike us, God is patient.
He also does things at the right time which is usually the best time.Besides, when you were praying , those deer were probebly buzy playing bingo or somethin.(reindeer games?) It would of been silly to expect them to drop everything and run to your window at that time. Although im sure they would of if it was an emergency.(Nature9-11) It's nice to know they found the time to pencil you in.
A.J.C. (from the time of 73')