Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa Visit, etc.

Ho. Ho. Ho. Isabelle was beyond thrilled to visit Santa Claus this year! He was at the local library, so we went to meet him there. Right away Isabelle was star struck. When she hopped on his lap, she told him that she is "3 old" and she wants a book for christmas (quite appropriate for being in the middle of the library). Ben was not phased by Santa's presence. Isabelle was so happy to meet mrs. claus too. Isabelle informed me that her job was to make cookies and then she asked where Santa's reindeer were? I told her the roof of course! (which reminds me I have to make some magic reindeer food for her to sprinkle on our lawn christmas eve). Isabelle and I made our frosted sugar cookies the last couple days. Her favorite ones to make were the snow man and the blue fish (blue tree. dont ask me. I just work here). Today we will make our ginger bread house. I made homemade chex mix for the first time. It was good but not great. I didnt have onion powder to include like it says, so I wonder if that makes a big difference. I caught Isabelle talking to our christmas tree the other day. This is the conversation that took place, " What are you doing with my tree Grinch? Don't take it home Grinch! You'll ruin it Grinch!" So anytime that Isabelle smells something (anything , food, a book, a candle) she announces that it smells like Strawberries! My Christmas wish which is very typical and overdone but quite true is I would like it to: SNOW. I remember last Christmas it snowed overnight and when I woke early in the morning, I looked outside to see snow and a bright red cardinal. very cool! So big news for Benjamin! He has tried his first (rice) cereal and aboslutley loves it! He was smiling and kicking while eating it. I could barely get it in his mouth. I think we got a little monster on our hands. hehe Boy, have we got a lot of use out of Benjamin's Reindeer outfit so far (thanks Sal). I wonder if Santa will have "alone" time to wrap gifts...time is fleeting.

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sally said...

So glad you liked the reindeer outfit- it's adorable on your little Ben. Love the Nativity Cow... priceless! :)