Thursday, July 20, 2006

No Corn for You!

Still Homeless!

Here is a fun gnome series of cards that I made recently!

So, I think we are destined not to ever grow corn. The first year we lived here, heavy winds knocked down and damaged all the stalks, the 2nd year we didnt plant any and now last night, strong storms came through and knocked down all the corn stalks in the garden. I don't think that they are recoverable...but, who knows.

The weather has been hot hot hot lately, as with most of the country! Ive been feeling pretty sick lately. I am quite thankful for airconditioning and fans and icecubes, but still this is pretty crappy. I just feel nausea and drained a lot. When I was pregnant with Isabelle in august, I think it was a pretty mild summer. Not, such the case with this one! Speaking of this little baby...he should be showing up in about 5 weeks! I can't believe it (and I can't wait). He moves around quite a lot , reminds me he is there all the time! (like I could forget, since I can't reach my toes and have to go the bathroom 321 times a day. So, I started preparing more for his arrival...Crib is set, clothes are washed...

Isabelle. Little miss Isabelle. I can't believe she will be 3 years old shortly. (aug 7th). Im not planning any parties this year (just dont have it in me with all thats going on), but I still plan to make her day very special. Isabelle is so excited about turning 3, getting a baby brother and starting 2-morning pre-school! In fact, recently we got her a strawberry shortcake back pack (that is bigger then her) and I couldnt get it detached from her being. She was wearing it all the time, so I had to sneak it away while she was sleeping. Every day she asks me where baby brother is and tells me she wants to go to school. So, anyway - lot's going on in Isabelle's world coming up!

Some Thoughts:
Teddy Grahms are a grand snack. I hate Earwigs/Pincher Bugs. General Hospital has been good lately. I love the smell of cardstock. Clutter makes me nervous. Safety Scissors are not all that safe. Does Hello Kitty ever say goodbye?

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