Sunday, March 26, 2006

Women's Stories, 31, Bandaids

Photo of Isabelle enjoying Usborne Books!

Freeport Arts Center - 13th Annual Women's Stories. I attended the performance today because I submitted two stories (The Scent of a Doll & Our Three Legged Knight) for the commemorative booklet and I was surprised that they were actually perfoming/reading one of my stories (Knight) at the event! It was really such a pleasure to listen to the stories including my own! After the performance, one of the readers shared with me how much she enjoyed and was inspired by my story since she is going through some painful struggles with her own dog. Today reminded me of how good it feels and how important it is to be a writer!

This month I offically turned 31. I must admit Im not accepting that number well, because I still have not accepted 30 yet! Plus I have this one gray hair that just wont go away. I cut it , it comes back. joy. Ive been keeping busy starting my Usborne Business and also working on a couple scrapbooking projects. So thats been so fun and great. Also in good news...Today I started feeling my first offical baby kicks! Ive been feeling them very lightly for days now, but not strong like today, so today is the offical kick start! Today Isabelle is obsessed with wearing bandaids and drawing apples. Today the sun is shining and the grass is finally turning green. I can actually feel Spring in the air. I even wore sandals for the first time this year! I forgot what grand attire that sandals are!

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