Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Grocery Store Socialite & misc.

It's not in every household that you get to walk through a path of hi-ho cherrio cherries and candyland cards to get to your computer.

I had a Dr. Appt today. The Dr. Said all is perfect. Measurements, heartbeat. Yay! My next appointment in April will include an ultrasound in which we could find out the gender but Noah and I have opted to wait until the baby is born. It will be hard to resist when we have the opportunity to find out...but I am going to try my best to stay strong.

So after the doctors office, we attempted the Grocery Store, which is always quite challenging and I must admit , I venture into this task with a high level of dread...especially today, on senior citizen discount day (extremily crowed and slow moving). But, you have to do what you have to do to get the things done that have to be done. Isabelle insisted on bringing her little purse into the store, so right away, she pulls out her disney princess camera and starts taking pictures of the shoppers. Say Cheese!

Next, she had a huge fit because for some reason she wanted to go in the liquor department. She kept saying Play, play and pointing to the freezer. I am like no way kid! Believe me kid, I wish I could go into the liquor department right now! After a small fit in front of all the elderly citizens...we continued our journey... She threw misc items in the cart, I took them out. She ran a distance away...I chased after her leaving my purse, cart and mind behind. (It's an amazing miracle that I ever come home at all with enough ingredients to make up any entire meal without forgetting something). Then we proceed to the deli counter in which the nice deli lady gave Isabelle hard salami and a Cookie! Isabelle put the salami in her purse as soon as the lady whipped out the cookie. As everyone knows, Cookies take priority in that situation.

Early on in our journey Isabelle picks up a stuffed animal cow that is being sold at the store. Fine, I tell her, you can carry him around for the time we are here, but then you have to say good bye when we leave. Shes whipping the cow around by the tail, dragging it on the floor, I decide to ditch the cow. When she regains interest in finishing her cookie, I make my move. Well, wouldnt you know it we are in the next isle and Isabelle realizes THE COW IS GONE.

Oh my. Well, she took it upon her self to ask every single person that we came across: Where's the Cow? Where's the Cow? Hands up in the air in wonderment, Where's the Cow? Pig tails in her hair, her purse on her arm, she was on a mission. Standing in front of carts, blocking walk ways, Where's the Cow? I feared we would never be able to leave this establishment. Constant questioning of fellow customers. Stopping in Isles in despair.

On the last leg of our trip, Isabelle sees a little girl about her age, goes up to her and says Hey Kid, Where's the Cow? They ate a candy cane together (a nice old man gave them each one) and then I told her we had to GO! So.. Isabelle said, BYE Friend! and we got into the checkout lane, loaded, unloaded, paid and Exhaustidly (<--is that a word?) finished our grocery shopping trip. But not before she got to ask the very last person we saw in the store, "Where's the Cow?"

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Anonymous said...

What a humorus story about the cow.
What happens next time you go to that store? Did you hide the cow from all? Does the cow still have a chance of finding a good home? The world may never know.
What a strange web site you have, nomes,Knights,and leperachans. whats next, multi-color'd elvi'? opp's. I forgot you included them also. Congrats on the pre-kid kicking you in the gut. I mean that in the nicest way.
Site looks great. take care.