Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Some more favs of Miss O.

Precious Olivia...She is now 1 month & 2 days old. Yesterday, I took her to the hospital for an ultrasound (since she was breech they wanted to check her hips, etc) and got a report, that she is a-o.k. in that department. She has her month follow up appt. with the ped. tomorrow. She is def. keeping us busy & happy that is for sure. I am exhausted...but I know that someday, I shall sleep again. We have been showered with so many gifts, meals, gestures, visits, kindnesses.... We are so very blessed beyond words. Regular life has been a little overwhelming, but step by step, we are getting where we are supposed to be. :) The school year is winding down (although it feels like it is winding up with all the activities and such going on) along with everything that goes along with it... dance rehearsals for Alice (for Isabelle) have been increasing as the performance date is nearing... The weather has been pretty cold and rainy for the most part. Ben killed a toad on mother's day. My computer is basically crashed. I am borrowing my Aunt's laptop for now. Our siding is finally finished and up. Our front porch is complete but the back deck is on hold. Most of the garden is planted (by noah). What a whirlwind this life is. I am breathing it all in. I am trying to be in these fleeting moments...soaking them in...and enjoying , believing , hoping and loving this amazing time....even if there is mud on my bed from the dog.

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