Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sweet Little Baby...

A few of my favorite pics: Today: Ben likes picking out what Olivia will wear. Today he picked this.
Olivia, Isabelle & Benjamin.

1 week old.
1 week old.
These days are going by quickly and busily. Olivia is doing wonderful and I am recovering well. (although right now , I really really really want to go take a nap). The kids are in love with their new sister. I will update again soon. (our internet was just out for a few days). Thank you to everyone for your constant support and love.


katherinemarie said...

hip hip HOORAY!!!!!! I am so over-the-moon thrilled for your new SWEETHEART! She is so PRECIOUS! so SWEET! So beautiful! CONGRATS to all of you. I hope you enjoy these moments of baby bliss. AND she looks so much like big bro and big sis. xoxoxoxooxoxo---K

Emily said...

Congratulations, Cheryl! Olivia is so precious! What a wonderful blessing for your family...another daughter! :) I'm so happy for you!

katherinemarie said...

I keep coming back to see more! I know you must be in heaven now... spring and baby bliss... can't wait to see more of your new girly!!!!!!