Saturday, April 10, 2010

I TOAD you so.

My beautiful amazing talented Benjamin, caught a Toad today. He named him Jojo. Ben made a temporary abode for Jojo (glad throw-away container). Ben gave it grass, water and a little flower. Ben ate lunch next to the toad, told it stories and also tortured Isabelle with him by placing him a little to close within her personal space. Ben and Jojo frolicked together joyously all afternoon....until I saw Ben later...sad and alone...and I asked him where Jojo was....Ben told me with tears in his eyes that "Jojo hopped away from me"...I asked him why and he said, "maybe I squeezed him too much." (The End).

This week after brownies, I asked Isabelle what she did while there. She told me that she planted Miracles. I said really Miracles? Are you sure it wasn't Marigolds? And she said no, they were Miracles! ((well I sure hope so!))

The siding for our house, although supposed to arrive 2 days ago is now on back order until the 22nd. Wow...a month of looking at my house with the words: "Menards House Wrap" all over it.

So, Monday is the big day we have been waiting for. Monday morning my c-section is scheduled. I am not ready, but I am so ready. (not ready as, I have not packed a hospital bag but ready as...get this kid out of me). We are all so anxious to meet our new little baby. Please keep us in your prayers in these upcoming days. Expect an update with all our news in my next posting. I am not sure if I will have internet access at the hospital so not sure when the update will be. God Bless & Good night.

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