Wednesday, December 09, 2009

SnOw DaY

No School Today! Just lots & lots & lots of SnOw.
====MiSc. RoundUP====
We are in the midst of Christmas decorations. We got our tree this past weekend. If I remember correctly its a balsm fir. We did not chop it down this year, but got it at the grocery store for the going rate of 29.99. It's glorious though. I love how the kids put 27 ornaments on one branch. I love pulling out our favorite decorations from Christmas past...what joy. Still got more decorating to do but at least the process has begun. Along with the decor- our movies & music come out as well (O Holy Night my all time favorite song, A Christmas Story (with Ralphy) my favorite movie). What comfort and memories are wrapped in these delights. I don't have much shopping done at all though. That's been the hard part so far. Trying to shop without the kids...having ideas and...actually finding what I am looking for. I am considering skipping Christmas Cards this year for misc. reasons....which I know I would regret...I hope I can manage to send them, It would be weird not to. Other news: I had my 20 week ultrasound last week and I am proud to say that I remained completely strong and I did not find out the gender of this kid. Although the answer was right in front of me....I decided to keep this one a mystery. So folks...we won't know til this baby's or blue..? I've been reading lots lately. Just finished: The hour I first believed by wally lamb. Good but depressing. I also read a book about Christmas Miracles and also a book about How to Hear God (still reading this one). I have ordered from the library: Revolutionary Road because I saw the movie recently (netflix) and now I want to know some more in depth to the story. I am so excited (speaking of netflix), that Julie & Julia arrived today...I have wanted to see this movie since it came out, hopefully I can drug the kids later and watch it. Speaking of drugs , I should be on some because my throat hurts like heck. I am ill I believe but I am fighting it with every ounce of everything that I have got. So, I was going to bake with the kids today but I don't have any cream of tartar (which is a requirement) nor do I have walnuts. I don't know what I was going to do with the walnuts exactly, I just know I wanted to bake with them. Im not much of a baker. There are a few things I know but the rest is scary to me to be honest. This morning I whipped opened a can of cinnamon rolls to bake and I was quite proud that they turned out. Pathetic I know , but true. Ben has really been cracking me up lately. He thinks our tWee is so beautiful...and he has been sneaking into our bed because he doesnt want to have Whitemare's. He tells me that I am a nice girl and he likes me no matter what trouble he falls into, somehow he get's away. K, I've rambled and I have clothes to dry and maybe a nap to sneak in. Starm Warm & Well!


sally said...

you should make THUMBPRINT cookies! Those require walnuts and cream of tartar (i think... hmmmmmmm. can't remember for sure now....sorry) Anyway, those are one of my all time faves for the holidays. only, you have to use FROSTING, NOT JAM in them!!!!! happy baking! :)

Flipfloppingmamma said...

I really do miss the snow! Such BEAUTIFUL pics