Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Programs = Precious

Here is the Preschool Christmas Program Production. At first Ben told me he was going to be a donkey, then he told me he was going to be a Shepherd, but then the day of when the children made their grand enterance, I realized that he was the part of Joseph. I can't even explain how precious these moments are. Watching these beautiful little children, come out and perform, Shy and innocent, so filled with wonder and magic. They defintely make this time such a special gift. Seriously, tears & joy witnessing these sweeties. Truly puts the meaning into Christmas, memories that I will always cherish.

I love how they do their own thing & each child adds their own specialness.

Jingle Bells. :)

Isabelle was an Angel in the Elementry School Production. Her first grade class did an amazing job! It was truly beautiful to listen to and witness all of the kids sing with all of their hearts.

I am so proud of Isabelle & Benjamin in so many ways. My Christmas has already arrived.

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