Tuesday, May 22, 2007

School-last day

Today was the last day of 2-day (am) preschool for Isabelle. It was an exciting day, but it was also a little sad and a lot proud. It was so sweet to hear Isabelle's class sing: You are my Sunshine. At the end, the teacher called each of their names and handed them a certificate of Achievement and hugged them. Isabelle has truly come a long way since the first time she entered that class room door. She has learned and become so much. I will miss opening up her backpack after each school day. She was always so proud to show me her projects and share with me what she did/learned that day. For more backpack sessions, I guess I will just have to wait until fall, when she starts 3 day (am) preschool!

Teacher Gifts. Isabelle just loves her teachers so much. As a thank you of how much I appreciate them...I made them each a paperbag book. Inside are photos, quotes, a thank you note and an Interview with Isabelle about what she learned, did and favorites in school, etc. (there are more pages than what I have posted, but just wanted to give the idea). I really like how they turned out, hope the teachers did too!

Ben 9 months

Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven. Henry ward beecher

Benjamin had his 9 month dr. appt. He was offically 22lbs and 1 oz. The Dr. reported that he is doing Wonderful! He can start eating more textured foods, etc. Here he is eating his first biter biscuit. I really cannot believe how fast this little baby is growing up. He is such a snuggle....and such a trouble-maker.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Sit in the Grass

Isabelle & Lance enjoying a spring afternoon together. (this is rare to find them sitting peacefully next to eachother without ball stealing or tail pulling).
I caught Ben in the act of pulling all the books off the bookshelf. (One of his current favorite things to do).
A recent visit to the park...Isabelle pushes Ben on the Swing. He doesn't look too thrilled here...but he was very content with the situation. hehe

Let me just throw out some misc. musings at this time: Ben offically has his first tooth! It is coming through the bottom gum in the middle. I am thinking of ideas for Isabelle's birthday party (not til august but doesnt hurt to start gathering ideas). I am thinking maybe a Mad Hatter (or fairy)Tea and Picnic Party. She is really liking alice in wonderland lately. Has anyone in my family heard of the invention called the garbage can? Just wondering. Isabelle needs more sand for her sandbox. The hummingbird sightings have started.. Also saw an oriele the other day as well. Can I reveal my displeasement with the recent postal stamp increase? I mean...geez, I just bought some stamps and there was no mention of this...so now I have to buy the add on funds stamps and that is just annoying. A non-nancy drew mystery has been solved. We found what we suspect to be our gone missing in the middle of winter outside cat...to be deseased laying under a tool/equipment in the workshop. I evalutated the remainder markings that I could Identify and I concluded, it was probably definetly baby-fur the cat. I am so excited that we planted pumpkins this year. (last year noah skipped it, this year I made sure they made the cut to be included in the garden plantation). I also had him plant "magic beans" for Isabelle to take care of. I need a new book to read. Not sure what I am in the mood for. I woke up this morning from a dream about a children's story that I should write, so immediately wrote down the idea and have been working on it this morning. Let's just say it it is not about a zebra and it is about a likeness for soup. That's all I can reveal at this time about this project. How fun to be inspired with a new idea for a story! I wish that I could get Ben a helmet for his head, he bangs it many times a day. Well, so does Isabelle...I should get her a helmet too. I made hot artichoke dip this weekend. I think that is my all time favorite appetizer ever. Well....cocktail meatballs are pretty good too. Haven't had those in a long time. The season finale of The Office will be this thursday. I really want to go to the bristal renissance faire sometime in the near future, I think Isabelle would love it. I think I will make sun tea today.Ben has his 9 month Dr. appt. tomorrow. My little boy is growing so fast... Isabelle has not stopped talking to me the entire time that I have written this entry...so sorry if theres much mispelling and non sense, non concluded thoughts. Now I have to go get her a strawberry shortcake bandaid because her ankle is bleeding. Go off happily & triumphly into the world and Good Day to you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Gifts - 1.) Flowers that Isabelle picked for me. 2.) A new rose bush (called Love Rose that will bloom of shades of red to white. We planted it right near the house. 3.)Beautiful flowers delivered (what a surprise!) and 4. Isabelle's handprint with a poem (she made it in school). Happy Mother's Day to all! Especially to my Mom. My Mom who is not only my parent, but also my friend. I am truly blessed by all of the wonderful women (and men!) in my life. I cherish all of you. Thank you to everyone for supporting me, encouraging me, humouring me and letting me share the special (and not so grand) moments and experiences of raising my children. I am truly inspired every day by my family and friends. Every day is a learning experience, every day is a challenge...and every day there are a million little miracle moments waiting for me. Being a mother to these two magical, amazing little beings...this for me, is what life is all about. It's not easy, but it is wonderful.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Blow Flower

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I thank God for coffee. I know there is a many number of people in the world who don't require coffee to wake themselves up, well I am not one of them. What is with that two headed dragon on dragon tales anyway...I mean seriously, it kind of freaks me out. Isabelle is asking me to make her some Spiderman Pancakes. Sometimes Isabelle tells me that she has had a dream and I ask what it was about and she says: Cinderella. Recently she told me she had a good dream! And I said oh yeah about what? (fully expecting her standard answer) and she said: grapes! Another Isabelle tidbit...last weekend, my brother gave her two quarters and she has been carrying them around with her everywhere ever since. Well, Isabelle had a birhtday party to attend (I swear this kid has been to more birthday parties in her 3 1/2 short years than I have my entire life), so we had to go the store for a gift for her friend. We picked something out and brought it up to the check out. Isabelle then goes up to the cashier and hands her the 50 cents..."I am buying a birthday present for my friend Michael." I just thought it was the sweetest thing ever. That little kid is always suprising me. Ben will soon (next week) have his 9 month check up. He is lifting himself up and standing against everything. He is constantly reaching for and getting into all things (except toys , haha), I think he would eat a steak if we let him, He giggles like a maniac and loves to be held. He is currently in 12-18 month clothes. Crazy! I never thought I would call him Benny...but I do, all the time! Well, among about a hundred other nicknames. The perfect sandwich (well this is my two abe lincoln's anyway) - shaved turkey, provolone cheese, mayo and rye bread. Let us talk BOOKS for a moment. I just recently started reading adult ( adult meaning non-children, not meaning fabio type publications) again and I kicked off the comback with The true story of Hansel and Gretel. Well, last night more than half way through, I have finally closed the book. I put it down, never to open again. I can't remember doing that before... giving up on a book...saying no, I dont want to be in this world anymore. But, I did. This book was really depressing and I so don't need that right now. I thought I would like it because of the fairy tale element, but no. The end. I was so depressed at the point that I closed this book, that I needed a pick me up. So, I started reading a book I have been meaning to read for a long while. Ya Ya's in Bloom. This is the 3rd in the series of the yaya sisterhood. I love the writer's (Rebecca Wells - sorry didnt look that up to see if its spelled correctly cuz the book is upstairs) style. It has been such a fun book so far (even though I just started). The part that really hooked me was that one of the characters, as a young girl got a pecan stuck up her nose and had to go to the doctor to get it out...well the same thing happened to me when I was a kid! Except it was a rock.