Saturday, February 10, 2007

Penquin Dinner

Bathing Benjamin

Isabelle just asked me... are you three? I said no. are you eight? No. Are you Old? (great way to start the morning).

I don't really have a lot to report, so Ill just ramble some misc. things a little bit: This winter has been bitter cold. I told Isabelle that if anyone stays out there too long they will turn into a snowman and she believes me. Now everytime lance is out there for a bit, she says, we better get him in, hes gonna turn into a snowman! Last weekend our water was out for two whole days. We thought something was maybe frozen, had to wait for the plumber (apparently they had a long list due to the coldness) but in the end it wound up being some parts for the pump. You forget how much you rely on things that we take advantage of everyday...such as water. I actually watched a whole football game (well pretty much a lot of it), the superbowl. It was kind of fun, but not super fun. Alot of down time. The commercials were very disappointing this year. Noah made a big turkey for the game. (I wanted to make fun appetizers and snacks but he wanted a turkey and he won). But, according to Isabelle we were having PENQUIN for dinner. So she helped daddy prepare the penquin and stuffing. I watched CASABLANCA for the first time in my life... I really enjoyed it and never realized how many "lines" that we hear and use are actually from that movie. Now, I want to go rent Gone With the Wind. Im so happy that I finally got one of those key chains that is a sharpie marker. I havent had the opportunity to use it yet, but just knowing that it is there is very exciting.

Here's a recent converstation between Isabelle and I :
Isabelle: I cant want to get married. (she says cant instead of dont)
Me: Do you even know what married means? Isabelle: Yes, you and Noah...(pause to think)'s over. Me: Tell me about it. Isabelle: I married Jimmy (school friend). Me: you did? Isabelle: Yes. Me: Why weren't daddy and I invited? Isabelle: Only Mary and Joseph.

I will leave you with one more Isabellism for now. This a little rambling of her brain recently. She just starts talking and her thoughts jump all over the place: Isabelle: My friends can't catch squirrel's right? I can't eat nuts either. I can just watch. There's a Giant Clock right? It's not Giant Clock yet. 2.5.6. Prince Charming will come to my party. Bring me presents right? Daddy's Pain in the Butt. He eat chex mix snack hot in oven.


lynn said...

You ever have 4-5 hours to kill just come on over and we'll watch Gone With the Wind. I have it on DVD. LOVE IT!!! Favorite movie of all time.

You should read the book.

Shannon Bieger said...

ROFLMAO!!! OMG I am dying laughing at the conversation about marriage. That has got to be the cutest dang thing I've ever read!!