Thursday, February 01, 2007

Jesus Pizza

Typical day around here today...Isabelle is talking non-stop & taking out every toy that she owns....Benjamin is rolling around on his play gym and kicking away...Lancelot is chasing squirrels up trees and Im deciding which lovely task to perform next, dishes or laundry? Theres lots of both so which either one I pick , I guess Im a winner. February 1st. This day is cold. frigid. frosty. freezing. chilly. I was supposed to start a bible study today, which I really wanted to go to...but we were running so late this morning and I was totally unprepared and had many errands to run, so I skipped it. My Soul may suffer, but I'll try to make a better effort next time. Isabelle had super fun at school today. She made trailmix with her classmates (her favorite part). I got her valentines today ...I selected the Little Mermaid. I think I made the right choice (no, I am not making her valentine cards, Im crazy, but not that crazy..not at the moment any way). I searched today for materials for a project/job I am working on. It's wedding shower invites...and the format is a cute little folder with inserts. Color theme: Chocolate Brown & Pale it should be fun! The Office is on tonight. New Episode, so im looking forward to that. I think I will make enchildas for dinner...but maybe not. Im reading no good books lately...well unless you count One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.
Isabelle just came in here with one of Ben's burp clothes on her head...she said, "Im Baby Jesus, here's your pizza". She placed a potholder on my lap and walked out.

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