Saturday, August 05, 2006

Bedrest & Misc.

Tough week. So, I have been put on home-bedrest from my dr. I have overdone things lately (that darn nesting bug!) and my blood pressure has gone up. The Bedrest has been working & I have had wonderful help from friends (they have been taking Isabelle during the day and running errands for me). My blood pressure is back down right now. It's possible this baby can make his appearance any time now, but we are hoping to keep him in for at least another week! (especially since I dont have my hospital bag packed yet!). We may schedule an induction after my next appointment.

Even though I havent been able to work in the garden, we are getting cucumbers, green beans and tomatos now! I am especially excited about the tomatos. There are probably other things ready too, I just dont know what or where to look (since noah has been out of town, many weeds have found their way among the plants, it resembles a jungle almost).

With Noah gone alot Lance has been on super guard dog duty. Watch out even if you are a squirrel, because he will bark his head off if he sees you climbing a tree! I know it's good hes so protective, but it almost gives me a heart attack sometimes. (between the dog & the toddler, no wonder my blood pressure has gone up).

Summer is slipping by fast which is more then fine with me. Autumn is my favorite season always! I welcome and cherish it. So, anyway, I am patiently waiting for fall...among other things...

I need a haircut, so does Isabelle. Im so excited that I get to buy school supplies for a legitamate reason this year. Sometimes I wonder if anyone in this house knows what a garbage can is besides me. My August Elvis wall calender portrays the movie ad for Roustabout this month. I think I will go get a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats and a glass of wine...well minus the wine.

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Anonymous said...

Boo hoo - sorry to hear about your being "a lady of leisure"!! HA. HA.
I wish I could be there to help. Sounds like this guy is wanted out too.

I'll pray for you at Mass tomorrow. God bless mom and baby.

Love, Aunt Chris & Bill