Saturday, May 13, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

Nothing major to report but just wanted to say hello since I have provided no updates in a while!

I have finally witnessed my first hummingbirds of the season so I am thrilled about that! What fun. What a wonderful distraction to enlighten my day when I stand at the window and do dishes (some day I shall have a dishwasher again). Bam! A little piece of magic.. a hummingbird visits me.

So, I am afraid to attempt to use my camera because it's not working right and I dont want to admit that it might be broken and I will have to replace it (replacing it is not in the budget right now, so this fact depresses me). I know I should just face my fears and figure out what the heck is going on with it. After all it is part of me and without it I feel like a nothing, aimlessly wondering around this world not being able to capture special moments in photo form. There goes my memories, there goes my scrapbook pages...

So, it's been raining for days on end here in the old midwest. I cant remember the last time I saw the sun. The animals are going to start lining up two by two. I dont even own any guloshes. (sorry if there are mis-spellings throughout the post, I dont feel like correcting today).

Had an ultrasound yesterday, all is well. The baby is measuring just a little big. This means that either he has had a growth spurt, he may be a big baby or we might be off on the due date. But we are healthy and all is good! Isabelle keeps asking when her baby butter will come. Little does she understand she has about 3 more months to wait!

I am so excited to be looking into preschool (yes, preschool!) for Isabelle to start this fall. She will be three and it is only a two day (actually only two mornings) a week class. I think it will be so wonderful for her. She just loves "friends" and "projects" so much. And I know that I could use a little non-Isabelle time! hehe Just a little.

I am currently addicted to a new tea that I have discovered. It is: Tradewinds Sweet Tea. Yum good! I figure it's better then drinking wine right now. hehe

So I guess that's all for now. Like I said nothing too exciting to report!

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