Monday, May 22, 2006

Isabelle Notes

Photo: (isabelle & noah) .This Sunday we had a picnic/fishing family day at a nearby private lake. Beautiful weather, wonderful friends and lots of catches!
Some Notes on Isabelle lately:
Potty Training: She is doing so great! I can't believe how far we have come!
Favorite Current Movie: Toy Story 2
Favorite Book: A Squirrel's Tale & Touchy Feely FAIRIES
Favorite Activity: Playing outside of course! (includes anything with dirt, sand, water or animals.)
Favorite Snack: Yogurt covered raisins.
Ringing The Bell: Uncle A.J. got us a cool Cow Bell, so I hung it in the kitchen. Before each meal, it is Isabelle's job to go to the bell and ring it. No matter what meal it is, she rings it and screams : "Daddy, SUPPER!".
Sayings: Whenever we are driving and she sees a cow, she says: Cow jumped over the moon!
Sayings: She is calling people "honey" lately. (including me!). Example: She says: thank you, honey, o.k. honey, How are you honey?
Sayings: "I TIRED". Whenever Isabelle doesnt want to do something (Example: pick up toys), she says "I tired" and goes and lays down to try and get out of it.


Shannon Bieger said...

OMG how cute she is that she yells Daddy Supper!! That is precious! LOL McKenna tries that same excuse. "I too tired to pick up my room. No thanks. My arms too tired." LOL, "no thanks" as though I'm OFFERING her the opportunity to clean!

I forgot to thank you for the compliments you emailed me about my scraps. That is probably the highest compliment I've ever gotten about my layouts! Oh and I LOVE your name choices. I think Henry is such a wonderful name. Isabelle and Henry. If that isn't a storybook waiting to happen, I don't know what is.

sally said...

I have to say... I LOVE the photo of Belle walking down the lane with her little leg kicked up. Too cute!! Great photo, Cheryl! Way to go!!! I'll bet that was a super fun day.

Lynn said...

Gracie is calling everyone Honey too. haha! They other day we were looking for something and she shrugged and said, "I don't know where it's at Honey." I about died!