Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Birthday GiRl.

My baby has turned two.  I think about how the time has just sailed away on the wind.  Truly like a flash my precious little stinkerdoodle is growing up faster than instant hot chocolate or microwave popcorn.  This girl is a ball of energy and adventure.  She is bossy and brave.  She is giggly and warm.  She is quite wonderful in fact.  She definetly keeps me on my toes, exhausts me and shocks me....but I wouldn't trade her for all the peas in China or all the coins in the biggest wishing well in the world.  I love this baby.  She challenges me and she teaches me and she makes me complete.  I can't remember what life was like before her. (maybe it was slightly a little cleaner and calmer).  She is defintley a piece that fits perfectly into our family puzzle.  She is the grand finale of the firework show...she is the red caboose at the back of the train....ending things in a bang and a vibrance.  Happy 2nd Birthday, you amazing little girl.  Olivia Helen, I love you.

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