Wednesday, February 04, 2009

shaving cream

Last week my girlfriend offered to take Ben for the day so I could get some stuff done. One of fun things that they did together was play with shaving cream on the friend said it kept them busy for a long while, it was fun and easy cleanup. I got some great things accomplished that day including a much needed haircut. Simple as my day was, it was wonderful! Thank you Sarah P!
I really had a yuk morning today so I am so thankful for the sunshine and the coffee that has got me through. I woke late, I never sleep I knew it would be a mad rush to get to school on time...only to come downstairs to a horrible smell, Lance had gotten sick I had a huge mess to clean up. Lovely. So anyway, got the mess cleaned up, got the kid to school on time and now I am back home freezing and crabby. I think I will workout for a little bit and listen to some favorite music...I think that will put me in the rights as far as this day. I can't rewind it but I must make it better.
I realized driving to school today that I can't see out my back window. My car is pure dirty but its so I havent bothered to clean it inside or out...its basically a run to the car , a run out of the that is my goal for today to at least clean the back window off so i can see. Its supposed to get much warmer soon, so the rest of the car will wait for that.
Vision Report - So yesterday afternoon was Isabelle's long awaited, eye dr. appt. This girl has counted down the days like it was christmas coming. For those who don't know, Isabelle has a dream, a simple (yet not so attainable) dream. Her biggest desire on earth is to get glasses. She has recently been going quite blind. There are many things that she suddenly cannot see. She even needs help walking she was quite disappointed and upset to learn from the eye dr. yesterday, that she does NOT need glasses. That she aced the tests, perfect job...20/20 vision my daughter has. So, it was good to get the official word from the expert. Now maybe we can put this behind us and move on to other obessions.
Isabelle had ballet dane class last night. She really loves it so much. She can't wait to be in a recital. She has got girlscouts tomorrow...that reminds me I have to come up with a snack for about 40 girls as it is our turn to bring a refreshement.
House Report - things are coming along at the house in town. Noah is working hard, going after work when he can and on weekends while I am preparing things here. We are also getting wonderful help from family in which we are so thankful for. We look forward to the progress of each project and step getting complete.
Ben needs help with his train I think I have lingered here for as long as possible. The day and it's moments await. Wishing you a grand one!

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