Saturday, November 18, 2006

Watch out for biting giraffes.

Here are just a few photos from Benjamin's Baptism (or in Isabelle's words: Ben's God Party). I just can't say enough about how wonderful of an event it was. Benjamin did fantastic (and so did Isabelle!) and our family was with us. It was a very Blessed day.

So now, here comes the holidays! Crazy busy times ahead! But so exciting! Isabelle really has the Santa concept down pat this year. Last year she kind of sort of got it a little bit, this year she already keeps talking about how Santa is going to come to her house with presents. That's when I tell her about how he is watching if she's naughty or nice... Now Im starting to get excited about Christmas! My all time favorite Christmas movie is: The Christmas Story, but my second is ELF with will ferrell. My all time favorite Christmas Song is O Holy Night. But I guess, we should talk about the TURKEY first. Im not cooking the turkey meal so thats probably a blessing to us all. Speaking of cooking, well baking, I recently attempted making sugar cookies and they turned out excellent! (they were cross cookies for Ben's favors and by divine intervention they turned out).
Recent Isabelle Tidbits:
In Church when Isabelle hears the bell ring she shouts: Tinkerbell! Also in Church at the Baptism, she announced pretty loudly that the babies were Taking a Bath!
The other night, I told Isabelle that there was a DRAFT coming in the window. Then she responded, "A giraffe is coming in the window to bite me!"
Isabelle playing with her princesses - Me: Isabelle what are you doing? Isabelle: Sleeping Booty is driving to the shopping lot for TOYS!
Isabelle calls my Aunt Chris, Aunt Christmas.
I had a parent/teacher conference with Isabelle's preschool teacher and she gave her excellent reviews/remarks throughout...the one thing she had a negative mark on was: Isabelle doesn't help her friends clean up toys.
Isabelle: I am going to be a super hero when I grow up and Benjamin is going to be a Reindeer huh?

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Anonymous said...

I like my new name "Aunt Christmas". Thank you Belle.

Aunt Chris