Monday, January 21, 2008


Isabelle couldn't wait to try my new alice in wonderland stamps I let her work on some projects. INK as far as the eye can see.
The little artist in creation mode.
Ben had to join the messy gang in his own special way (chocolate).
I couldn't wait to try my alice stamps either!
Life around here has been pretty COLD lately. It is artic freezing frigid bone chilling cold. We have been hanging in mostly at home. We have been fortunate to have some grand company this weekend so that's been fun and has changed up our winter duldrums a bit. It doesnt feel like a Monday. It feels like a Sunday. No school, no mail. I guess I have to wait another day for my million dollar check to come in. oh well. I'm in a scrapbooking mood, but dont have any new pictures to work with...awaiting on a snapfish order to arrive. Ben has been carrying around one of Isabelle's purses all day. Today he has been pulling Isabelle's hair and then she cries and he jumps on her and hugs her and laughs and then, Repeat. The annie soundtrack is on in the house right's a hard knock life for us.... Ben hasn't been sleeping super great at all lately, so neither have I. I wish I could take a nap right now. So, I checked out the new super walmart that has recently opened in town and to tell you the truth of the matter, I felt a little overwhelmed by the store. Too big. Too much. After I left I realized that I even forgot to check out the section I really wanted to see (scrapbooking/crafts of course). It's snowing like crazy out there at the moment. Maybe I will make us some hot chocolate. Note to self: We need to purchase a humidifier. Sorry to ramble of mundane musings today, but I just feel in the mode of boredom and that cannot be altered at the moment and Ben is pulling on my arm so for now good day, keep well and warm and have a pleasant time of it. To bad it is so cold outisde, otherwise in the meadow we could build a snowman.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The year was 2008...

I have no NEW YEAR pics of the children so I thought I would throw a recent project that I made up for your viewing pleasure. This is a mini box of cards with love quotes on them.

I have not written in a while I realize, wow. I think I have been in the duldrums of the new year. Excited about the fresh start (new calendars, high organizing and other standard resolution type goals), but on the other hand...the bitter winter takes it's toll on the soul after awhile. Cabin fever gets a little overwhelming....and we have a long way to go. I will just try and make the best of it I tell my self as I start each new day.

The tempartures are going to be falling back into the below 0's. At least the sun is shining and we are warm inside at the moment.

The kids are doing swell. Isabelle now can offically spell and write her entire first name. I am so proud of her. Ben is talking more little words and understanding more and more. He tries to "help out" with daily routine as much as possible. Example" - If he finds Isabelle's sippy cup thrown on the floor, he picks it up and brings it to the sink! If he takes his coat off when we come in, he walks to the coat hook and gestures for me to hang it up there for him and of course he still has his obession with the garbage can. Although he mostly is throwing away garbage, we still have to watch him. Recently I found a book in there and also a baby from Isabelle's doll house.

Isabelle's current favorite show is ANNIE. She sings annie songs all day long and pretends annie scenes throughout the day as well. I have been so lucky to take on the role of ms. hannigan in Isabelle's play. Well, I guess it could be worse, I could of won the part of Sandy the dog, but that went to Ben.

I have a new obession myself. This year I am going to take on the skill/craft of book binding. I want to hand make my own books! Journals, notebooks...the possiblities are endless! How exciting! I guess this would be a natural interest of mine since I am so in love with the thought of a book in general. Ive always found binding so interesting...and now, I am starting simple, with the easiest techinques. I've just started my research, and Ive made a few easy items, and I have to tell you that it is so fun! I feel an addiction coming on. Someday, I hope to make nice books out of leather and such.....wouldn't that be the greatest? wow. So anyway, I begin this journey with great excitement.

I havent really made any new meals lately. NOah has been doing most of the cooking latley. He wants to. He enjoys the entire process (purchasing, planning, preparing (but not cleaning up of course). I get to make the occassional spaghetti or meatloaf, but thats about it. Some people think it is grand to have your husband want to cook. Seriously, it is nice to try his gourment meals and to get the break the from the kitchen duty in that aspect. But on the other end of the spectrum, he is making these fabulous meals that taste so great (that I really shouldnt be eating, like if I was eating my somewhat crappy dinners, I wouldnt be eating so much!), he likes to put a lot of spice in the meals so Isabelle doesnt like them half the time (ben will eat anything though), then there is eating on the scheudle he wants, these meals take a long time so sometimes we are getting the kids in bed later than I want and then the clean up is horrendous too. So, ladies - as this may sound like a great dream for some, trust me as I say, its nice, but I kind of miss being in control of that aspect of home life.

I am so excited that I have registered for a conference in March. It is called Hearts at Home. It is informational workshops and social gathering for Mothers. A group of my friends attend and I am so thrilled to be joining them this year. I hear that it is a very emotional and heartwarming event. The best part....NO kids allowed! hehe