Friday, December 21, 2007

Must be Santa

Look at this cute little red nosed Elf.

Visiting Santa. Ben is trying to evaluate the situation. Isabelle tells santa she wants ear muffs and a bathroom.

Ben finally decides, hey I don't like this.

Sibling Sweetness

Isabelle's school program. She is the unsure donkey in the front/middle.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Snow & Decorating of the Pine

A brief quiet moment with Ben as he decides
what kind of trouble he will be pursuing next.

Isabelle putting ornaments ON the tree.

Ben taking ornaments OFF the tree.

Isabelle being pulled in the SNOW on her sled via daddy.

These days of late have been extremily busy. On top of illnesses (yes, still!) and other things, we recently had an ice storm that knocked out our power for almost 24 hours! Oh Winter Bliss is among us. I can't believe how quickly Christmas will be arriving, I am so unprepared. I don't even know if I will get Christmas cards out this year...and if I do, they may not be homemade! (I know shocking!). Any HOOT, (owls are making such a grand comeback...well I suppose they never actually "Left"), that is all I have to report at the coffee is waiting and Alice in wonderland (aka Isabelle in her alice in wonderland dress) is waiting for her Juice.